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Child sits on a folded Lemonade Nugget reading a book

Lemonade invigorates and energizes — like a cool, condensation-soaked glass of lemonade on a warm day, or a great beat coming on the radio when your car windows are down. Nothing says summer vibes like our new yellow, available to shop starting June 7, 2023 in Cover Set and Nugget form.

Lemonade a cheerful, classic yellow

Lemonade offers just enough vibration and saturation to invoke delight from the kids, but it’s also soft enough for parents to add it as an accent color for the home. Ready to add a cheery jolt of joy to playtime? Read on to learn more about our recommended pairings, as well as comparisons across yellows from our color history. 

Hello, Yellow!

Lemonade is our soft take on a radiant yellow, brighter and less green than retired dijon-yellow Saturn and slightly more saturated than retired Honeybee. Both Taxicab and Brightside present more orange than this classic yellow. 

Taxicab, Lemonade, Honeybee, Brightside pillow color comparison

We love Lemonade in rooms that are visually upbeat, with fun graphic vibes and a vintage, eclectic vibe. Lemonade can also play beyond light candy and pastel interiors — it can add a bright pop of color in a homey, charming space that draws inspiration from Cottagecore or Boho.

Lemonade Nugget positioned as a cozy fort in a playroom

Add Zest to the Rest

Try out Maximalist styles around Lemonade – don’t be afraid to be bold! We love the graphic vibes of this trio: Lemonade, Starfish, and Blueridge. This Contemporary-Modern combination plays on the use of primaries in an unexpected and visually stunning way.

Lemonade, Starfish, and Blueridge pillows

Child sits on a Nugget couch in Lemonade against a bright green wall

An A-Peel-ing Pop of Color

Add citrusy and juicy tones to neutrals with this color combination of Koala, Brightside, and Lemonade. We love how Lemonade energizes classic and Contemporary spaces that primarily feature a gray palette, like our charcoal gray Harbor and cool gray Koala.

Lemonade, Brightside, and Koala pillows

Walking on Sunshine

Pair Lemonade with Dunebuggy and Atlantis for an energetic take on a Modern colorway. Add in peachy, warmer colors for an extension of the theme, either with a throw pillow or blanket. 

Dunebuggy, Lemonade, and Atlantis pillows

Three small dogs sit on a Lemonade Nugget adorned with colorful throw pillows

Bring on the Joy

Refresh your space with a cool glass of Lemonade this summer! Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

Note: All Nuggets purchased on our site after June 7, 2023 will feature updated zipper pulls and zipper garages.

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