Our latest color, Dragonfly, has just touched down, and it’s sure to enchant playtime — whether you’re battling flying dragons or daydreaming up a brand new fairytale. This light-catching, double-brushed color truly brings to life the shimmery, iridescent creature it’s named for.

Dragonfly a lush emerald green

Read on to learn more about our recommended color pairings, and comparisons to greens from Nugget history. For those swept up in the magic of Dragonfly, note that we’re releasing this lush emerald green as a limited holiday drop, and it won’t last long.


A marvelously modern green

Dragonfly is a reimagining of fan-favorite Beanstalk. Because it comes in our luxe double-brushed fabric, Dragonfly has more of a heathered texture, and comes off slightly more blueish-green than Beanstalk.

Compared to previous greens, Dragonfly is also more of a jewel tone than Willow, which presents a slightly more yellow undertone and feels more forest-y. Dragonfly is more saturated and textured than both Bamboo and Fairway, showing more blue-green than Bamboo, and more blue than Fairway. Overall, it’s a richer, moodier color than our other current greens.

Dragonfly is an extraordinarily versatile color. It can add whimsy to your space, or it can be used as a sophisticated neutral to anchor a room. It’s equally at home across interior styles, and we think it shines especially bright in Jungalow, Mid-Century Modern, and Bohemian settings.

Going for contemporary modern vibes at home? Try blue-toned pastels and light neutrals to achieve a well-harmonized room. Fellow Nugget double-brushed colors like Surfside will help enhance the blue undertones in Dragonfly, and a soft neutral like Dunebuggy will help it catch the light nearby. This color trio brings to life adventures on both land and sea.

If you’re not used to thinking of deep greens as neutrals, think about how navy blues have become a classic staple — everywhere from fashion to interior design! Rich greens can be used to add a dash of personality to neutral landscapes. Lean into this popular trend by combining Dragonfly with our gray tones Harbor and Koala.

Keep any castle cozy

Who says Industrial can’t be warm and inviting? Dragonfly’s double-brushed microsuede gives it extra depth, texture, and richness in color. (Even the bravest knight would love to cuddle up on it!) We love how it can play as a cozy neutral in Industrial decor — alongside colors like Sandcastle beige and Koala gray. Adding Dragonfly enhances this chic, fuss-free aesthetic, creating an inspired space that’s still comfy and stylish.

A jewel-toned treasure

Consider utilizing Dragonfly in other interior styles, too! It would look extra fly in a Bohemian aesthetic or an otherwise-earth-toned space. (Dragons did rule Middle Earth, after all…) Dragonfly brings a grounding presence to color mixes including Nuggeteer orange, Dunebuggy, and retired Rodeo. Because Dragonfly is such a gorgeous cooler tone, it can help add balance to a space that feels a little too warm.

A Mid-Century Modern legend

We can’t get enough of Dragonfly as a rich accent color in Mid-Century Modern homes and living rooms. This green is such a crisp, curated hue — and it brings an extra cool factor to stylish, relaxed, and welcoming spaces. Dragonfly will tie the space together and help your other pieces stand out even more. Pair it with natural finishes like a teak wood cabinet, a low-lying leather lounger, and a few simple potted plants. You’ll have your guests saying “wow!” from the moment they walk in — and not just because your kid is in the middle of an epic battle for the Nugget castle.

As the holidays approach, we all want fresh decor to give the season a special feel, but it can be tough to invest in beautiful pieces you’re going to store away in the attic from January to November. Dragonfly will give your holiday decor a luxurious, inspired feel — that carries over long after your home returns to its post-holiday look.

Fall under Dragonfly’s spell

Our retired Beanstalk was such an instant classic, and we’re thrilled to bring it back to the Nuggetverse as double-brushed Dragonfly. And although it’ll look and feel magical forever, it’s only here for a limited time, so don’t wait too long to capture it for yourself. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.