Meet our newest color and latest corduroy, Sugarplum! This cozy Nugget takes us back in time to long winter days of licking the icing off cinnamon rolls, putting on an elaborate theatrical performance for the whole family, or sliding across the hardwoods in your softest socks. Get ready to sweeten up playtime with Sugarplum.

Sugarplum, a deep jewel-tone plum

Sugarplum’s deep plum color adds instant coziness to any room — and the plush cord texture is ideal for your most marvelous builds yet. Read on to learn more about our recommended color pairings, as well as comparisons to purples from Nugget history.

Our most marvelous purple

Sugarplum feels slightly sophisticated, adding subtle style while not being too “adult” for the playroom. Compared to previous purples, Sugarplum in corduroy is significantly darker and has more reddish undertones than pastels Moonshot and Stardust. It’s more saturated and jewel-toned than Mayberry. For those who loved ultraviolet Potion, Sugarplum is a darker and slightly more subdued purple. Compared to Majesty, Sugarplum leans lighter and more purple, whereas Majesty is a darker burgundy red. Overall, Sugarplum is our deepest, richest purple yet.

Cute with Cottagecore

Going for a warm, gentle vibe at home? We love how Sugarplum complements the Cottagecore aesthetic in rooms like the one above. Sugarplum draws out colors from the floral wallpaper patterns, and manages to help balance these busy designs. It layers well when paired with soft neutral base tones like Dunebuggy and Sandcastle. Sugarplum is a deep, rich tone, but it feels soft and sweet amongst this whimsical decor.

Home is where the cozy is

Sugarplum really puts the “home” in Homestead. This delicious plum color really pops when dropped into Homestead or Farmhouse interiors full of wood elements and comfortable, simple design. Sugarplum is perfect for injecting color into neutral palettes — it’s nicely balanced, and works equally well with warm or cool shades of white, beige, and gray.

Mellow your sugar rush

If the word “neutral” isn’t in your design aesthetic at all, we’ve got great news for you — Sugarplum is the perfect hue for balancing out your bright pops of color. This deep plum has a soothing effect around bright vibrant colors like Nuggeteer and Moonshot — making them feel a little softer, (not unlike a savory bite after a mouthful of something sugary sweet!). Sugarplum’s texture can also help elevate these electric hues, making everything around them feel a little more sophisticated.

We also love the way Sugarplum harmonizes Maximalist Eclectic spaces that bring together multiple textures, disparate styles, and curated clutter. Consider pairing Sugarplum with Dunebuggy and Willow to bring together different colors and textures for a surprisingly cohesive trio. The resulting feeling is reminiscent of snowy winter mornings filled with hot chocolate, marathon games of hide and seek, and curling up with a stack of storybooks — three wildly distinct activities that mesh beautifully together.

Be our guest

Looking to make a modern space feel more welcoming and inviting? Sugarplum brings a dessert-like richness to Loft and Industrial homes, making it the perfect complementary flavor for big open rooms and sharp design angles. Sugarplum is soft luxury — corduroy’s signature texture is luxurious in this aesthetic, ushering us indoors from the cold to play (cannonballs onto a Nugget landing pad are optional but encouraged).

Sweeten up playtime with Sugarplum

This deep, jewel-tone plum will bring harmony and balance to your favorite spaces — making them all the more welcoming for play. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.