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Kid in an astronaut suit standing on a Neptune Nugget, holding up a toy rocket ship and smiling. Illustrations of aliens, asteroids, and planets drawn on photo, with text reading: Neptune, Now AvailableBeep beep beep beep beep beep… we’ve received a missive from outer space! After voyaging to the outer limits of our solar system and back, Neptune is returning with stories of distant planets, new discoveries, and alien encounters.Neptune, a bold, cobalt blueChild playing on Neptune NuggetOur bold, cobalt blue is out of retirement and back in orbit as of February 22nd at 12pm, available in full Nugget, Cover Set, and Pillow Pack form.Child lying on top of Nugget pillow on their stomach, arms outstretched, pretending to fly. Moon and star decals on the wall behind bring an outer space theme to life.While Neptune generally conducts intergalactic travel solo, you can pair this bold blue with other Nuggety colors for a stellar crew. Read the following mission log to proceed with takeoff… you don’t want to miss this launch. Just – oof! – look out for the asteroids.Child playing on Neptune Nugget

Bright as a Supernova

This color is named for the eighth planet in our solar system, which is known for its cold temperatures and strong winds, but in truth, this color is anything but icy. Neptune shines almost as bright as Sirius when placed near other bright colors, from cool Lolly to interstellar Saturn.Three Nugget Pillows stacked for comparison: Lolly, a cool, candy pink, Saturn, an atomic, dijon yellow, and Neptune, a bold, cobalt blue.A circle of Nugget pillows for comparison: Potion, an enchanting ultraviolet, Saturn, an atomic, dijon yellow, Lolly, a cool, candy pink, Starfish, a bright, vibrant coral, and Neptune, a bold, cobalt blue

In homes, pairing Neptune with other brights brings a playful, modern vibe to any room. A Neptune Nugget in a modern room, with a bright cream and color block rug and yellow accent chair.

Nugget’s Dream: The Blue Planet

Neptune is nicknamed “The Blue Planet,” which we think sounds pretty darn awesome. While we can’t voyage there directly, we can showcase how beautiful this hue is next to our other blues, including Atlantis. Compared to other blues in the Nuggetverse, Neptune is a true cobalt blue – deeper blue than aquamarine Snorkel and significantly brighter and lighter than our navy Blueridge.Two Nugget pillows: Neptune, a bold cobalt blue, and Atlantis, an exotic, peacock teal.Neptune fits right into any space-themed room, pairing with the other blues of deep space and the various yellows of stars far and near.A space-themed child's room with constellation wallpaper, a moon decal, and a white and natural wood bunkbed. A Neptune Nugget is nested just under the top bunk.

Orbiting Sunny Colors

Just like Neptune rotates around the sun, blues orbit warm, sunny colors on the color wheel. Bright oranges and yellows will pop when paired with Neptune –  Starfish is one of our favorite pairings!Child sitting on a Neptune Nugget, smiling at camera, with a brightly painted cityscape wallpaper in background.Two Nugget pillows side by side: Neptune, a bold, cobalt blue and Starfish, a bright, vibrant coral

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