Two kids peeking out from a Nugget fort made with a Cookie Monster Nugget. Two logos appear at top of image: Nugget x Sesame Street.The Nugget x Sesame Street collaboration brings to life two friendly neighborhood monsters: Elmo and Cookie Monster! From their beloved characters to their mission of helping kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, the Sesame Workshop perfectly aligns with our own mission of growing imaginations. The Cookie Monster Nugget and Elmo Nugget in a playroom with a cream and yellow rug, a play kitchen, and assorted toys.This partnership sparked creativity and imagination in our designs, inspiring new and unique design features. These Special Edition Nuggets are our first mixed-material Nuggets, with a patterned microsuede on each Nugget’s thin cushion, and double-brushed fabric on the thick cushion and pillows. We also included applique character faces, also a first for Nugget, to bring each character’s personality to Nuggeteers’ homes.Two kids playing with pretend food and a Cookie Monster toy smiling and laughing. Both are seated on a Cookie Monster Nugget.Both the Elmo and Cookie Monster Nugget offer a Nuggety interpretation of the beloved Sesame Street characters – including fun incorporation of other Nuggety hues. Read on for our favorite Nugget color combinations and comparisons.An infant and school-age child each sitting or crawling through a tented Elmo Nugget cushion with pillow on top, smiling at each other.

Elmo Loves Colors

Elmo loves many things: birthdays, his goldfish Dorothy, sharing a snack with Cookie Monster. Another thing Elmo loves? Colors! The huggable, lovable Elmo Nugget pattern was inspired by the iconic building blocks that children all over the world love to use for imaginative, open-ended play, and we couldn’t resist incorporating fun colors throughout. A young child plays with a toy bus, Elmo and Cookie Monster. The Elmo Nugget and Cookie Monster Nugget are in background.Some of our favorite Nuggety color combinations include:

The Elmo Nugget on a white background, with three color dots to consider pairing: Atlantis, Lolly, and Brightside.For those wondering how the poppy red-orange Elmo color compares to other Nuggety colors, it’s more orange hued than our jewel-toned Broadway red, and more vibrant than our earth-toned Rodeo and Redwood. And while Starfish is a true coral, these two colors both share a brightness that brings cheer and fun to any home!

Illustrated elmo shapes in different colors dividing the page

Me Want Cookie Monster Nugget!

One of the benefits to befriending Cookie Monster? He’s always got snacks! The tossed pattern includes a playful layer of colorful sprinkles, overlaid with – what else? – Cookie Monster's favorite scrumptious snack. If you look closely, you may even find a sprinkle on the cookies... om nom nom nom!A kid lies on their side on the Cookie Monster Nugget, grinning broadly at the camera. The background is bright and sprinkle-filled.Warmer tones and neutrals play well with the Cookie Monster Nugget – almost as well as cookies and milk (we had to)! Think Brightside, Starfish, Redwood for warmer tones, and Koala and Harbor for neutrals. Some of our favorite pairings are:

The Cookie Monster Nugget couch with three color dots for recommended color pairings: Sandcastle, Lolly, and Brightside.When it came to creating The Cookie Monster Nugget, we were drawn to one of Sesame Workshop's cooler, lighter blue options. Depending on how you've encountered Cookie in different settings, you may notice a range of Cookie blues — we love the way our microsuede fabric looks in this particular shade of cyan.

Two kids playing on the Cookie Monster Nugget, one holding on to a yellow pillow, the other seated. Snorkel, our splashy aquamarine, is brighter and more saturated than Cookie Monster’s blue, while Lagoon is a deeper, calmer shade of blue. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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