A child plays on a Nugget on a bed, with cushions and pillows placed on the floor around them. The colors are Atlantis and Brightside, a sunny, cheerful mango.Brightside’s easy-going nature and sunny disposition makes it a breeze to style. What we love so much about this color (well, one of many reasons we love this color!) is that it can easily be friends with subtle shades, like our misty agave, Daybreak, as well as bold, bright hues, like Starfish, Cactus, and Lolly. Read on for more of our favorite combos.Three children grinning up at camera while lying down on a Brightside Nugget

A Sunny, Cheerful Shade

If you’re wondering how to describe Brightside, it’s a true mango – not quite a yellow, not exactly an orange, simply… Brightside!

A Brightside Nugget styled in front of a creamy peach-colored wallWhen you compare Brightside to similar hues in the Nuggetverse, you find that Brightside is warmer and brighter than Taxicab, our saffron yellow, while Cantaloupe is even warmer than Brightside, with red undertones. Compared to Honeybee, our light and buttery yellow, Brightside is more saturated and brighter, with orange tones.

Four Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: Brightside, Taxicab, Honeybee, and Cantaloupe.

Brighten Up Your Days

It comes as no surprise that, with a name like Brightside, this color loves other brights. We particularly love it paired with Lolly, Cactus, and Starfish – what fun!

Four Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: Brightside, Starfish, Cactus, and Lolly.

A Cool Blue Combo

A child sits at a Nugget "diner" set up with Blueridge and Brightside Nuggets; another child plays at a nearby play kitchen.Reach across the color wheel to pair Brightside with Blueridge, our classic, grounded navy, or Atlantis, our exotic, peacock teal. 

A color comparison photo with two Nugget pillows: Brightside and Blueridge, our classic, grounded navy

An Unexpected Pairing

We love Daybreak and Brightside in modern homes and Montessori-inspired playrooms. This unexpected pairing brings together a pastel shade with a brilliant pop of color. 

Two Nugget pillows side by side for comparison: Brightside and Daybreak, a misty agave

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