A person pulling on an Atlantis Cover Set over top of the Liner Set labeled "thick"

“Uh oh.” 

It’s a phrase that makes every parent pause and investigate. And when that phrase is uttered on a Nugget… Well, let’s just say that we’ve received some very interesting customer stories that include the words  “accident,” “oops,” or “mishap.” 

Young girl spilling a cup of juice on a Nugget couch - but it's OK, there's a protective liner set!

That’s why years ago, after creating the first and The Original Play Couch™, we started the process of developing a protective liner for Nugget foam. We knew we had a laundry list (see what we did there) of features for our protector liners to be Certified Nuggety™:

  • Our liners couldn’t change the play experience for our Nuggeteers, from the way that the Cover Set snuggles up against the foam, to the sound (no crinkly, plastic noise allowed!).
  • We wanted a liner that wouldn’t change the visual experience or the way our carefully crafted colors show in different lights. 
  • And we knew we wanted a product that would be durable, functional, and aesthetically Nuggety, all while helping keep your Nugget around for playtime as long as possible. 

So, we diligently designed, iterated, and developed a truly Certified Nuggety product that we could be proud of. And – spoiler alert – we’re pretty dang proud of what we came up with.

Nugget cushion covered with Liner Set and Cactus Cover Set, partially unzipped to see the layers. Cover Sets are sold separately from Liner Sets.Drumroll please… It's time to introduce you to our Nugget Liner Sets, a Certified Nuggety protective liner to safeguard your Nugget foam from unwanted spills, accidents, and mishaps. These Liner Sets are made of two layers, a 100% PU (polyurethane) material for waterproofing and 100% polyester grey top for durability and quality. Both materials are non-toxic. The YKK3 zipper pairs perfectly with the fabric thickness while minimizing bulk underneath Cover Sets. Our Liner Sets are so perfectly tailored for the Nugget that you won’t even know they are there.

A zoomed-in shot of a drop of water bouncing off of the waterproof material used to make Nugget Liner Sets.Wondering if you’d enjoy a Nugget Liner Set? If you’re hoping for more zen and less zany in your home, you might consider these extra benefits:

  • No more naked foam on Cover Set wash days
  • Easy-peasy Cover Set changes – Liner Sets make it a breeze to swap out colors.
  • Peace of mind during potty training, snack time, and, well, day-to-day life!

A cup spills liquid onto a Nugget protected by a Liner Set. The Cover Set is partially zipped back to show how the waterproof material protects the Nugget foam.

Are Nugget Liner Sets 100% waterproof?

Mostly waterproof, yes. Pretty stinking close to waterproof, yes. But 100%? Not quite. 

We take certifications and claims like “100% waterproof” very seriously around here. While the Liner Set’s fabric (a 100% polyurethane layer for waterproofing and a 100% polyester grey top layer for durability) is 100% waterproof, the zippers and seams that bring together the Liner Sets are not fully waterproof. To keep spills from seeping through the zippers, we designed zipper flaps that minimize the risk of water soaking through, and in our own product testing, we found that when used correctly, foam protected by a Nugget Liner Set remained dry, even hours after a major spill.

How do I put on a Liner Set?

Watch this video for help! Quick pro tip: To maximize foam protection, it's best to orient the zippers of the base and cushion outwards and flap down. 

Do Nuggets come with a Liner Set?

No. Liner Sets must be purchased separately and will ship in a separate package. 

If I order a Nugget and a Liner Set, does the Nugget come with the liners pre-assembled and on the Nugget?

No, the Nugget and Liner Set will ship separately. When you receive both the Nugget and the Liner Set, you can remove the Cover Set and put the liners on before using the Nugget.

What comes with a Nugget Liner Set?

Great question! Liner Sets come with six pieces in total: two for the thicker bases, two for the thinner cushions, and one for each of the two triangle pillows. Each liner piece is labeled clearly for easy assembly.

All six pieces of the Nugget Liner Set displayed in a circle, tags clearly displayed for easy assembly.

Can I order liners for just a Pillow Pack or just for the thicker base of the Nugget?

No. All Liner Set orders come with all six pieces for a full Nugget: two thicker base pieces, two thinner cushion pieces, and two triangle pillow pieces.

What are the dimensions of the Liner Set?

Liner Sets are tailor-made to the Nugget, which measures 33" deep and 66" long in its standard configuration. The seat is 8.75" above the ground, and it's 22.25" high to the top of the pillows in the standard configuration. 

How do I wash my Liner Set?

With a couldn’t-be-simpler three-step process: 1) Zip up each piece 2) Wash on cold by themselves 3) Air dry. If this process feels familiar, you’re right – it’s the same process for washing Cover Sets! If you have any direct stains to the Liner Set, dilute some Dawn dish soap in water and gently remove the stain with a clean cloth. All other care instructions are the same as for our microsuede Cover Sets.

What’s the return policy for Liner Sets?

The return policy for Liner Sets is the same as Cover Sets and Pillow Packs: Returns are only accepted within 15 days of delivery, and Liner Sets must be unused and unopened in their original packaging to be eligible for return. 

Are Liner Sets covered by any warranty?

Yes! Liner Sets are covered by the same limited, one-year product warranty that we offer for all items purchased from the Nugget Shop — it covers manufacturing defects like zipper malfunctions or seam tears that functionally impair the use of the product.  

Are the Nugget Liner Sets non-toxic?

Yes, this Certified Nuggety product isn’t made with any toxic chemicals.

Can Liner Sets be used in lieu of Cover Sets?

No. Liner Sets are designed and tested to protect Nugget foam — they aren't meant to be displayed or used during play. Because of the material used for waterproofing, Liner Sets are much smoother than Cover Sets and should not be used as a substitute for Cover Sets during play.