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Say hello to the pastel trio collection!

We’re nearing the end of 2020 and temps are dropping...with winter on the way we wanted to deliver new color options that are cozy and calming - we think everyone could use a little bit of that these days! 

We’re super excited to introduce the Pastel Trio collection — a warm modern mauve, a vintage blush pink, and a serene misty succulent-colored agave that arrive just in time for this week’s Nug Lotto. Remember, if you win the Nug Lotto this year, your order will ship in time for Christmas! If you miss them in the Lotto, keep calm, all three are now part of our 2021 lineup and will be available in our upcoming Backorder, as both Nuggets and Cover Sets.

We know that everyone sees color differently, and our microsuede can appear different in various lighting, so we wanted to share a bit more about each of these colors. Without further ado…


Mayberry a modern mauveMayberry - A warm, modern mauve

This mauvelous mauve is as sweet as the fictional North Carolinian town itself, popularized by The Andy Griffith Show (shouts to Mt. Airy!). Mayberry is the perfect pale purple that helps breathe new modern life into all playrooms, kids rooms and living rooms. 

How does Mayberry compare to your other retired purples, Majesty and Stardust? 

Majesty and Mayberry cover sets laying on ground

Mayberry is the lighter pal to retired Majesty, these two would be a great combination in purple-loving homes!

Taxicab, Stardust, Mayberry and Rosebud cover sets

When pairing Mayberry with Stardust, you can really tell how light lavender Stardust is! Mayberry is a more muted and pulls more pink than Stardust. Pictured here paired with Rosebud and Taxicab for a warm combination of happy colors that give us all the feels!  


Sweetpea a blush pink with flower illustrationSweetpea - A vintage, blush pink 

Huey Sweetpea is stealing our hearts! Sweetpea is a warm blush pink that people say has a vintage charm to it. In brighter lighting, you will see more of it’s peachy undertone. In darker rooms, it will feel more like a dusty rose. We love the way that this color is light, but not too light! It hits the just-right balance we love to see in our products for carefree play.

How does Sweetpea compare to your true-peach color, Peachtree?

Sweetpea and Peachtree nugget cover sets

Paired next to Peachtree, you can really get a visual of the dusty pink layers that Sweetpea has to it! Peachtree pulls way more bright and orange, and Sweetpea is a more delicate and muted pink. 

 What does Sweetpea look like with other colors?

Bluejean, Saturn. Sweetpea, Dewdrop and peachtree covers comparing colors

Here’s a fun combo for you! Sweetpea and Peachtree paired with Dewdrop, Bluejean and Saturn from the Summer Sunset collection give us all of the Dusky-Sunset vibes we never knew we needed in a playroom! 


Daybreak a misty agave with ilustration of agave plant

Daybreak - A serene, misty agave 

What a day for a daybreak! Daybreak is a soothing succulent-colored light green-blue that, so far, looks like the most popular from the collection. We were looking for something calming with just a hint of color to fit in all homes, for all ages. This misty color is both the skyline in Seattle at dawn and the Georgia coast at dusk - it’s a chameleon and we are absolutely loving it!

How does Daybreak compare to your latest deep teal, Atlantis?

Atlantis and Daybreak covers sets

This is a winning combination! Atlantis is our Deep Teal in our top-selling double brushed suede. Paired with Daybreak, these two hues feel very calming yet still fun and inviting for play!

Any other combo recommendations for Daybreak?

Pebble, Daybreak, and Rodeo cover sets

Here’s a nice combo for you! Daybreak with earthy toned Pebble and burnt orange Rodeo feel like the desert combination we never knew we needed.  

Mayberry, Daybreak, and Sweetpea Nugget characters


We hope you love the new trifecta of Nugget colors as much as we do! Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.