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Willow Nugget characters on a picnic under a willow tree, boating while holding a parasolThe changing of the seasons calls for a celebration, don't you think? It could be as simple as a bicycle ride, teatime with friends, or time spent in the mountains, soaking up the last moments of summer. 

Blueridge Nugget character wearing hiking boots and backpack, holding hiking stick, ready to hit the trailsAt Nugget, we’re celebrating the start of fall with the release of two new double-brushed colors: Blueridge, a grounded, classic navy, and Willow, a verdant forest green. These colors are inspired by nature — the serenity of a leisurely picnic on a warm afternoon, the coziness of the campsite after a long day on the trails — and we can’t wait to see them in your homes. 

Blueridge and Willow double-brushed Nugget Pillows stacked on top of each otherStarting August 19th, 2021 at noon ET, these two colors will be available as full Nuggets and Cover Sets! Read on to learn how to capture the magic of summer's end for yourself.

What is a double-brushed fabric?

We love microsuede here at Nugget — so much so that we wrote a whole blog post about it. We currently offer two different versions: classic microsuede and double-brushed microsuede, which is slightly more textured, cozy, and luxurious, the perfect complement for these two colors. 

Blueridge Nugget couch pillow detail

When can I order these colors?

Both Blueridge and Willow will be available starting at 12 Noon ET on August 19th, 2021. 

One quick note about Willow: we expect that it will fluctuate in availability due to lingering pressures on supply chains around the world and the unpredictability of Covid. It may sell out quickly, but rest assured that it will also make a quick comeback! Not to worry — we’ll be continuously making more, as we plan to keep Willow in our Limited Edition collection for the foreseeable future.

Willow Nugget character holding a picnic basket and book, wearing a sun hat

I’m currently waiting on a Nugget. Can I combine my order?

We’re not able to combine orders, so if you already have an order in place and you place a new order, they will likely ship at different times. Additionally, if you order both a Blueridge and Willow product, we cannot guarantee that they will ship at the same time.

How does Blueridge compare to other blue Nugget colors?

Blueridge is a classic navy, the same shade as our recently-retired Submarine, in double-brushed form. 

Five Nugget pillows in a circle formation, each a different color, with labels identifing them. Clockwise from the top center: Atlantis, Daybreak, Blueridge, Snorkel, and Bluejean.

In addition to pairing with other blue hues, we love combining Blueridge with Saturn and Rodeo for a trio of color fun, or with Redwood for an elegant, classic look.

Three Nugget pillows stacked on top of each other, from left to right: Saturn, Blueridge, and Rodeo.

Two Nugget Pillows side by side: Blueridge and Redwood.

How would you describe Willow?

Willow is a rich, dark green, not quite as yellow-toned as an olive green and not as dark as a hunter green. We love Willow with other greens and golds for a bold look, or in neutral rooms with natural tones for a contemporary, mature color addition. 

Two Nugget pillows side by side: Bamboo and Willow

From our current Nugget color lineup, we love the look of our double-brushed colors together, especially Blueridge and Willow. It’s hard to imagine a cozier combination! Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.