Two children lounge on a Daybreak Nugget, with a play home in the background.Daybreak is a subtle but sophisticated touch of color equally at home with neutrals and brights. Since its introduction as part of the Pastel Trio in 2020, Daybreak has graced countless homes with its serene and calming presence. Daybreak - a misty agave sitting next to an illustrated coffee cupJust like a sunrise changes colors constantly as day breaks, this chameleon of a color presents differently in various lighting – which makes it so much fun to style! In this Styling Guide, we share some of our favorite Nuggety color combinations, and invite you to share your very own Daybreak styles with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort

A Dash of Color with Neutrals

While Daybreak can live beautifully on its own as a neutral, it adds a soothing and relaxing dash of color when paired with our neutrals: Sandcastle, Harbor, and KoalaFour Nugget pillows shot from above for color comparison. From the top, clockwise: Daybreak, Koala, Sandcastle, and Harbor.The versatility of this look translates well to a variety of decor styles, from Scandinavian to modern farmhouse. What’s not to love about a look that works for everyone?A child slides down a sloping Nugget build made with Daybreak and Harbor Nuggets, propped up on a full couch.

A Grounded Neutral for Brights

Daybreak takes the opposite role here, providing balance and grounding for our exuberant brights. For a summery, balanced palette, pair Daybreak with Starfish, Lolly, and Brightside. Four Nugget pillows built into a triangle for color comparison. From the top, clockwise: Brightside, Starfish, Daybreak, and LollyIf bright hues aren't for you, but you want to pair Daybreak with pinks and coral, consider more pastel versions of those colors. Two children play in a living room. The older child, wearing a pastel pink dress, stands on a couch, while the younger child, wearing pastel yellow, plays in a Nugget fort.

An All-Blue-Hues Look

This color combination works for kids of all ages, moving from gentle nursery to bold teen style. We love how Daybreak, Neptune, and Blueridge play together! Blueridge is a key part of this color combination, tying in Neptune’s bold cobalt shade with Daybreak’s gentle hue. Three Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison. From left to right: Daybreak, Blueridge, and Neptune

A Boho Dream

We’ve seen this style in many Nuggeteers’ homes and it’s such a beautiful combination! Daybreak and Rodeo are a perfect pairing, balancing cool and warm tones while complementing boho trends. Two Nugget pillows stacked side by side for color comparison, with Rodeo on the left and Daybreak on the right.Bamboo and Sandcastle are fun additions to this style, further positioning Daybreak as a cool tone to balance the warm earthy tones.A child plays on a Daybreak Nugget couch, smiling at the camera.You could style Daybreak a new way every day – there’s endless potential for this beautiful agave color. And we want to see how you style your Daybreak Nugget! Share with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfortCheck out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.