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Sandcastle illustration with Nugget character and crab

Since retiring in 2019, Sandcastle has enjoyed the slower-paced life of retirement at the coast: long walks on the beach, yoga at sunrise, and reading through that stack of books that never seemed to shrink. But now, we are excited to announce that Sandcastle is returning to the Nugget Shop, available starting today, August 25, 2021 at 12pm ET.

Sandcastle, a sandy golden neutral

This sandy, golden neutral brings a peaceful, simple energy to any room, acting as a neutral backdrop for various colors, designs, and patterns. Just like there are a few pointers for building a sandcastle that help with constructing a masterpiece (like using that ideal sand: not dry, not drenched), we have a few styling suggestions for creating your own Sandcastle vibe in your home.

Pair with Warm Earth Tones

Sandcastle loves the warmth in our current red and orange offerings, Redwood and Rodeo.

Three Nugget pillows stacked up to show a color comparison: Rodeo, Sandcastle, and Redwood, from left to right.Pair together for a Southwestern-inspired room, or incorporate an earthy brick or burnt orange accent to keep the room more neutral. 
Child standing on top of tented Nugget cushion, with burnt orange accent floor pillow and potted plant to his right

Explore A Neutral Palette

Sandcastle fits right into homes that feature light and raw woods, white or cream furniture, and jute rugs. Stay within the earthy color palette with Sandcastle: we promise the royals will approve.

Baby wearing a crown, lounging in a Sandcastle Nugget fort

For homes with a touch of green incorporated into their neutral palette, Sandcastle pairs beautifully with our comforting, mossy sage color (Bamboo) or our recently released Willow, a verdant forest green. 

Sandcastle, Bamboo, and Willow Nugget pillows configured together for a color comparison photo

Pair Sand with Sea

A seaside vibe would not be complete without incorporating colors inspired by the water. Of our current blue selection, we love Daybreak and Atlantis as complementary colors to Sandcastle, each striking their own balance of subtle and bold. 

Atlantis, Sandcastle, and Daybreak Nugget pillows stacked side by side

Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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