Blueridge double-brushed navy Nugget built into a kids fort


Rashmi Patel of @rushmehome provided fun insights into designing around a signature piece (like a Nugget!) and how she would incorporate Blueridge into a playroom. 

Rashmi Patel headshot: Woman with long dark hair, wearing a blouse and dark blazer, smiling at camera.

Rashmi, how did you get started in this line of work?

I’ve always been the one interested in creating spaces, whether it’s putting together furniture or picking stuff out with my mom. But, growing up in my culture, being a designer was not something you could do, it was something of a hobby. When I told my dad I wanted to be a designer, he said just no way. So, I studied finance in college instead. I remember walking down the hall and seeing a mood board...and just standing there, wishing I could do that. 

I put it aside for a while, got my degree, worked in the corporate world (and still do, for a tech company). Back in 2018, I started my blog. I’ve seen that there’s a need for one-on-one work to create custom spaces on a budget. I know a lot of clients are looking for affordable finds, especially for kids. 

How would you describe your own personal style? How has that changed with kids?

It’s always a bit of a difficult question, because style evolves! My style is mostly transitional - I like modern elements but with some coziness, I like neutrals but a pop of color for contrast is great. 

The mess in the playroom? That gives me immediate mom anxiety. But, playrooms and kids rooms are for kids, so I’m learning to deal with that. Maybe it will be clean on a different day… just not today.

What advice do you have for designing a room around a signature piece, like a Nugget?

I like to keep the Nugget against the wall or corner with plenty of space around it. Keep open space around it for playing, folding, and building. If you do want to place something near it, rather than put storage units on each side, you can put a tiny basket or something small. That keeps it from being too much.

For styling with a navy or another solid color, you can keep the things around it a little bit more neutral, and then to add the same color Nugget in other touches in the room, like an art print or a storage basket. That goes for the rug as well: if using a brighter color Nugget, a more neutral tone is nice, so that the eye isn’t going, "Wow there’s a lot of pattern and colors."

Kids playroom moodboard by RushMeHome featuring a navy blue Nugget couch, accessories, and toy storage

If you choose a lighter color like a neutral grey or a pastel, give it a pop through other items like storage or art prints, frames, decorative pieces, or rug. It’s all about balance though. At the end of the day, you want the playroom to provide a baseline of calm; the kids will bring the energy! 

(1) Lighting
(2) Shelf
(3) Nugget 
(4) Rug 
(5) Peg Board
(6) Cube Organizer // Bins
(8) World Map


Thank you Rashmi for your time and expertise! Follow her at @rushmehome, and check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.