When BringingUpBabe got her Nugget right after her second birthday, it didn’t take long before it became a staple feature of playtime! Mom, an Occupational Therapist, loves how the Nugget can be adapted for multiple ages while promoting problem solving, strength building, and independence. Here are some of her favorite Nuggety activities, great for various ages and active imaginations.

Ready to Climb Nugget Mountain?

Activity Set Up: Climb the Nugget mountain, hop through the hoops, crawl through a tunnel and cross the stepping stones.

Child climbing up a Nugget base folded in two like a mountain peak, with a tunnel, stepping stones, and hula hoops set up around as an obstacle courseMom says, “Babe is really into climbing and balancing these days, so this setup is perfect for her. She always pretends she’s a monkey when she climbs to the top of the Nugget mountain! Babe started doing obstacle courses pretty early; you can adjust the build and other obstacles to be age appropriate. For example, the Nugget mountain can become a Nugget hill for younger kids.”

Come Sail Away!

Activity Set Up: Nugget as a boat, complemented by a steering wheel hoop, a silk sail, and some fun binoculars.

Child sitting on a Nugget formed like a boat, looking at the camera through toy binocularsMom adds, “Babe loves boats, and she’s loved this build ever since we got her Nugget over a year ago. She loves to pretend to fish off the side of the boat and rescue her stuffed animal friends from the water. This set up really encourages fun imaginative play!”

Let’s Go for a Drive

Activity Set Up: Drive on the highway through the Nugget mountain into the Nugget parking garage, made by placing the thin cushion on top of two vertical pillows. Add in toy cars and roads!

Child playing with a toy car on a toy road that goes from a parking lot, through a Nugget tunnel made by a folded over cushion and into a Nugget garage, made by stacking a flat cushion on top of two pillow pillars.“Babe has been using her roads and cars in conjunction with her Nugget since we got it. These materials compliment each other perfectly and I often leave this setup out at night as an invitation to play for Babe to find in the morning. Babe loves driving her cars through the perilous mountain and parking them safely in the “garage.” I can always count on a good amount of independent play with this setup,” says Mom. 

Spotlight’s On You, Nuggeteer

Activity Set Up: A Nugget stage, complete with Nugget pillow speakers! Add in instruments and a toy microphone.

Child playing a toy guitar while standing on a Nugget stage“This is a fairly recent build since Babe has been involved in music class and loves to belt out her favorite tunes. Babe loves to put on a show as a solo artist but also enjoys duets with her friends or one of us. This is her Dad’s favorite build because Babe really comes to life when she’s singing and dancing ‘on stage!’”

An Entrepreneur-In-Training

Activity Set Up: A food stand, with base folded in half, cushion as the back wall, and pillows stacked for the front area. Bring playtime to life with pretend food and a cash register.

Child reaching for play money from a "customer" at her cupcake stand, made with a Nugget and a toy cash register and plush cupcakes“If Babe had to choose one type of play, it would be this. She has always enjoyed pretending to be making and selling food. We’ve used the Nugget in this setup (or similar, there are many ways to do it!) since she was around 2.5. This cupcake stand is always a hit. She yells out that she has fresh cupcakes for sale then sells them to us for an outrageous price. She’s practicing for her first lemonade stand!”

Press Paws on Play, It’s Time to Relax

Activity Set Up: Nugget set up as a lounger, complimented by a furry friend (optional)

Child and dog lounging on a Nugget together

“This simple Nugget build has been happening since the day it arrived. It’s a comfy way to curl up and watch a show or just relax and contemplate life. I’ve also been known to lounge around on this build – it’s definitely Mom approved!”

Thank you to Mom and Babe from @bringingupbabe for these wonderful ideas! We can’t wait to see your versions of the obstacle course, farm stand, and more. Share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging us @nuggetcomfort.