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A Dunebuggy Nugget in couch configuration on a black and white rugWe’re stoked to introduce you to Dunebuggy! Our beachy, vintage beige in double-brushed microsuede is available to shop now as a Nugget and Cover Set. Dunebuggy plays great with Nuggety pairs all over the color wheel — hop in, and we’ll show you!

Dunebuggy! A beachy, vintage beigeWe designed this sandy beige to blend seamlessly into your home — no matter your style. Dunebuggy goes especially well in modern, Scandinavian, Japandi, or California-inspired rooms, but it can also fit into traditional, transitional, bohemian, or jungalow decor. Keep scrolling for our top Nuggety pairings and styling suggestions for this beachy beauty.

Our Most Laid-back Neutral Yet 

Let’s compare Dunebuggy to similar hues in the Nuggetverse. First and foremost, we’re releasing this new color in our luxurious double-brushed microsuede, which gives it a heathered texture that can’t be beat. 

Dunebuggy is a great mix of gray and beige — think of a mushroom-toned taupe. Dunebuggy is lighter and less saturated than our other browns and beiges. It’s less yellow than Sandcastle, less blueish than retired Pebble, and cooler in tone than Bearhug in corduroy. Dunebuggy is warmer and more saturated than Koala, our calm cool gray.

A Sandcastle, Dunebuggy, and Bearhug Nugget PillowA Light-Loving Neutral 

Personally, we wouldn’t mind having Dunebuggy in every single room in the house. It’s really that versatile. Its texture reflects a lot of light, so consider putting it in a bright part of your home, whether that’s the playroom, living room, or sunroom! 

If your style leans a bit minimalist, we recommend modern shapes, clean lines, and low-profile furniture pieces around this warm beige. You can add unexpected pops of color around the room to elevate the style even more — it’ll keep the space feeling fresh and unexpected.

A child plays with a puzzle on a Dunebuggy Nugget surrounded by books and a yellow dump truck toyBeachy Calm

Dunebuggy pairs especially well with other Nuggety neutrals. If you have a modern, serene aesthetic, Dunebuggy goes great with any of our cool-toned light colors, such as fern green Lilypad, mossy sage Bamboo, or Koala.

Dunebuggy color swatch with Lilypad, Bamboo, and Koala swatches on top

Pair Dunebuggy with dark neutrals (and other double-brushed Nuggets) such as Blueridge and Harbor for a refreshing contrast — like an ice-cold lemonade on a hot day at the beach.

Three children play under a Nugget for made of two Nugget  in Dunebuggy and Harbor

If you love organic, earthy tones and relaxed vibes, consider pairing Dunebuggy with forest green Willow or our caramel brown Bearhug. Don’t forget to add houseplants and greenery for texture, along with cute ceramic pots.

Two children play on top of a Nugget bridge and slide made up of Bearhug and DunebuggyObsessed with bright accent colors? Dunebuggy helps balance out the liveliness of landlubber Fairway, far-out Neptune, or jewel-toned undersea adventurer Atlantis

Dunebuggy color swatch with Fairway, Neptune, and Atlantis on top of itThe Coastal Collection: Double the double-brushed goodness.

If you’re ready to toss aside the busy schedule and go with the flow, West-Coast style, Dunebuggy and Surfside know all the best local spots — and they’ve saved a seat for you.

Three children relax on alternating Surfside and Dunebuggy NuggetsCheck out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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