Use & Safety

Are there any rules for playing with Nugget products?

We know, we know... no one likes rules, but safety is at the top of our priority list — it’s why all our products go through extensive testing, long before landing on your doorstep. So, consider this the Playtime Playbook:

Adventure Zone: The Nugget is for kids (and kids-at-heart) that are 1+ years old, and Chunk is for ages 3+ years old — our products are for exploration and adventure and are not for sleeping!

Keep it Light: There should never be heavy items on top of Nugget products when someone is inside or underneath. 

Stay Open: Push it, move it, roll it from the living room to the playroom to the kid’s room — just keep play in open spaces, not on or around stairs, and use with caution on hard surfaces.

For more on proper use, please visit our Safe and Proper Use Manual.

What is the recommended age range for Nugget products?

The Nugget is for kids (and kids-at-heart) that are 1+ years old. Chunk is for kids 3+ years old.

Is the foam safe?

Our foam is CertiPUR-US® certified to exceed safety standards. It’s free of mercury, lead, and formaldehyde, and VOCs are minimal to protect indoor air quality.

Do Nugget products have flame retardants?

Nope! No harmful flame retardant chemicals are applied to the foam or the fabric. And our products still pass California's TB-117 fire safety regulation.

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