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While our days at Team GG are spent dreaming up ways to bring more fun and more play into the homes of our Nuggeteers, there is always one thing at the forefront of our minds, at all times: our responsibility to ensure product safety. There’s nothing we take more seriously than keeping Nuggeteers safe, and that starts with the materials that we use to make our products, and the extensive safety testing that we prioritize on a regular basis.

All of our products, including our foam, fabric and materials, and each of their variants (every color!) are regularly tested at a CPSC-accredited lab in Downers Grove, Illinois. We do physical and mechanical testing, along with testing for flammability, eight heavy elements, lead in substrates, phthalates, lead and cadmium, and other regulatory testing. Our products are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning that they've been rigorously screened and scientifically tested for more than 15,000 VOCs, and they've passed the strictest requirements with flying colors. 

We realize that some of this stuff may sound a bit boring, or more scientific than most care to know, but we have teammates who are dedicated to caring deeply about these things so you can enjoy our products carefree! 

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Every time we develop a new product or introduce a new color, we send physical pieces of that product to the lab for testing, long before we begin officially making it and marketing it to customers. As a company that makes products for children, we know how important it is to ensure that our products and component materials are as safe as possible. That's why our foam is CertiPUR-US® certified to exceed safety standards — you can learn more about our certifications on the websites linked in this article

Diving into some more specific details, elements like lead and phthalates are not detected in our materials when tested (for CPSIA Section 101 and California Prop 65, using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry). These tests are highly sensitive, able to detect as low as 10 parts per million (10mg/kg) units, and they don’t detect anything in our materials! For context, the acceptable amount for Children's Products, as determined safe by the CPSC, is up to 90 parts per million. No harmful flame retardant or waterproofing chemicals are applied to our products, and the Nugget still meets California’s TB-117 fire safety regulation. All of our products are formaldehyde free, and VOCs are minimal to protect indoor air quality. 

Before we issue our “Certified Nuggety” stamp of approval, it’s important to us that our products have been put through a rigorous process that not only satisfies the CPSC’s regulations for Children’s Products, but more importantly, takes into account the health and safety of our Nuggeteers by going beyond those standards.

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