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2022 by the Numbers with lots of different illustrations depicting different goals met in the year

This year was truly full of wonder here at Nugget HQ. Just like you, we absolutely love watching children’s imaginations grow when they play with the Nugget. This year we leaned even further into our mission of growing imaginations! We spent the last 12 months expanding and playing in new ways: with new fabrics, new play spaces, and new iconic characters. We even expanded our workforce to a new city. 

We’ve gathered all our favorite figures and stats that made 2022 great, from 2 to 500,000 — and beyond. Full disclosure: we wrote this while humming the great, foot-stomping Transylvanian beat, “The Number of the Day!” from Sesame Street.

2 New Corduroy colors spaceship illustrated with planets

2: We’ve released some pretty cool creations over the years, but these two felt different. Literally. We launched corduroy Nuggets in two brand new colors — a cozy, velvety bliss that conjured all the nostalgia of childhood. A bonus? The corduroy Nugget made for some incredible builds.

11 New Nuggets - riding on a illustrated train

11: We introduced your playroom to a lot of new Nuggets this year! We released four brand new colors (Brightside, Fairway, Bearhug, and Lilypad), as well as a whopping seven collaborations with your favorite shows, movies, and characters. We also sent three beloved colors to retirement: Mayberry, Redwood, and our special edition with The World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Nugget. We’re thrilled to report they’re all sunning themselves surfside, enjoying the early bird special, and volunteering part-time at the local library.

12 - hourly average number of clouds counted while daydreaming on the outdoor Nugget

12: The hourly average number of clouds we counted as we daydreamed on our newly-launched Outdoor Nugget — one of our most-requested summertime creations!

Wirecutter list of 30 best gifts for families

30: We were thrilled to see the Nugget included in the New York Times Wirecutter list of 30 Best Gifts for Families. We hear every day from customers that The Original Play Couch™ has become the centerpiece of playtime for both kids and grown-ups.

43 estimated spills per customer thwarted by our liner sets

43: Estimated number of spills per customer thwarted by our Certified Nuggety Liner Sets. Grab a set now — it’s the smartest way to protect your Nugget from all the liquid mishaps lurking in your home. 

7,086+ ratings penned this year

7,086 (and counting): The number of reviews penned this year by our incredible customers. Did you know 4.9 out of 5.0 Nuggeteers recommend jumping on a Nugget instead of your own couch? It’s true. 

60,000 donated to Durham Neighbors

$60,000: For this year’s Giving Tuesday, we donated $60,000 — 50% of the sales from our Build Something Color-full event — to Durham Neighbors, an initiative that offers local residents direct economic relief for basic necessities like food, rent, utility bills, diapers, and medical care. Another number we like? 100%, as in, Durham Neighbors redistributes 100% of its donations to community members. Wow!

$147,730 raised through Cover Club for Gigis playhouse and Campaign for Southern Equality

$147,730: The amazing amount raised together with you for our non-profit partners through Cover Club! This year, we teamed up with Gigi’s Playhouse in Raleigh to donate critical dollars toward supporting individuals of all ages with Down syndrome. Cover Club also supported the Campaign for Southern Equality, which works tirelessly to promote full LGBTQIA+ equality — both legal and lived — across the South. The Campaign for Southern Equality shares that they used Nugget’s donations to support many incredible programs, including giving back-to-school care packages to hundreds of LGBTQ youth. Read more about Nugget’s 2022 impact here

377,280 - Nugget couches it would take to connect our Butner, NC HQ to our satellite location in Atlanta

377,280: The number of Nugget couches — laid end-to-end — it would take to connect our Butner, NC headquarters to our new satellite location in Atlanta. We expanded our team of Nuggeteers by 30% in 2022, creating new jobs in both North Carolina and Georgia.

500,000 Instagram Followers

500,000: If you heard a strange, prolonged, high-pitched noise this fall, we’re only kind of embarrassed to admit that was us, shrieking, the moment we hit half a million followers on Instagram. 

Count Dracula’s got nothing on us! 

If you loved this round-up, we highly recommend checking out previous “By the Number” editions below. See you in the new year!




A quick logistical note: We’ll be away from the office and production floor from December 24 to January 3 for our annual holiday break. We are giving our entire team this time off to rest, play, and grow their own imaginations with their loved ones. The build-up to the holidays is a very busy and intense time of year — especially in the retail industry. We take this intentional break every year to encourage our team to get away from work and do whatever they enjoy most. All new Nugget orders will ship first thing when we return in January.