Child sitting on a Mayberry Nugget knitting, Anewall wallpaper on background wallContent Creator Allie sat down with Anewall co-founders, Richele and Sydney, to chat about their company’s beginnings, where they draw inspiration from, and advice for those interested in a bold wallpaper but not sure where to start. Their 2022 line complements Nugget’s recent color releases and they offered a few styling tips to pair Anewall designs with Nugget colors. Richele and Sydney sitting in a nursery decorated with Anewall wallpaper, smiling at camera

How did Anewall start? 

Richele: It’s a family business — we’re sisters-in-law. Nearly 10 years ago, I was moving into a new house and wanted to decorate it in a vintage, French country style. My mom does interior design and I enlisted her help to find statement wallpaper that would match that aesthetic, but even with both of us looking, we couldn’t find what we wanted. So, we decided to make our own. We started in a garage with one printer, and here we are today! 

Sydney: Richele is the art and design side of the business, and I do more of the business and customer experience side.Sydney holds Anewall shipping boxes with Richele standing behind her, both smiling at the camera

How did you get the word out about your business?

Sydney: We started about 10 years ago, at a time when blogs were just exploding. So we tried to collaborate with bloggers, including one wedding company that wanted a custom watercolor backdrop. That photo really exploded and helped spread the word. In the beginning, we did a lot of custom art to collaborate with specific requests.  

What are some of your favorite designs from the past 10 years?

Richele: In the beginning, it was all about vintage maps and portraits, really inspired by European art. I had spent time traveling there and was so inspired by the history and story behind the art there. Now, we have incorporated more contemporary and modern designs, including this adorable bunny wallpaper that I hung up in my daughter’s nursery. I love colors and patterns and this one is a favorite.Richele smiling at and holding her daughter in her nursery, featuring bunny Anewall wallpaper Sydney: My daughter’s room in our old house had an abstract mural called the Celeste that I honestly could have recreated exactly in our new house and been really happy with.

Where do you find inspiration for your wallpaper designs?

Richele: We keep a close eye on fashion; you see trends there and then it trickles into home decor. That’s where we find patterns, bold designs, pops of color. 

Sydney: When we start with fashion, we’re working with art from the beginning, really art-driven concepts. Then we work to make it ok for the everyday, something to put into a home and be there permanently. We also have feedback from customers when they share how they decorate with our wallpapers, there’s a lot of inspiration there too.  

I love how Anewall designs use color and pattern. What advice do you have to someone looking to refresh or liven up a room with one of your prints, but is maybe overwhelmed by trying to pick a design? 

Sydney: Wallpaper can feel like a lot and like a commitment. We always say: first, paint the room white. Then, you can start to decorate it and add in color and warmth. But with a white wall, a blank canvas, you can really pick any design that you like. Then it’s not too busy! You can also do the design and then buy neutral pieces of furniture, or start with one feature wall and add in the smaller decor pieces.  Wallpaper can feel like a lot and like a commitment. We always say: first, paint the room white.Richele: We know it can be hard to choose, so on our website, we also separate out the different styles - florals, abstract, so on - by type so you can just search within one style. Sydney holding her baby and kissing on the check as baby gazes at camera. Nursery features Anewall wallpaper.

Looking ahead to 2022, what trends do you see on the horizon?

Richele: Right now, we’re seeing a lot of retro-kind of prints, patterns on a smaller scale, checkerboard inspired by gingham and plaid. It’s a bit funkier than the pretty and feminine styles we’ve been seeing, more bold and retro. 2022 will be a bit funkier than the pretty and feminine styles we've been seeing, more bold and retroSydney: We also have a new line coming out that is more Western desert inspired, drawing inspiration from cowboy boots and more of that influence.  And then we’re seeing a little bit more modern abstract, not watercolors like we’ve seen in the past but abstract patterns with stark lines and textures. 

Richele: The color palette we anticipate for 2022 is incorporating a lot of greens, some bolder colors with neutral tones as the background. It’s going to veer away from the burnt orange, terracotta vibes and go a bit crisper and bolder. 3x2 grid of Anewall patterns and Nugget colors, including Willow, Sandcastle, and Blueridge

What are some of your favorite Nugget-Anewall pairings?

Richele: We love picking out a color from our wallpaper and incorporating colors in the room that make that specific color pop! In this case, pulling out the greens of the cactus and plants of the Sedona mural brings the desert to your room. An illustrated Willow Nugget couch paired with Anewall's Sedona print

The Sandcastle color is neutral and earthy. Pair it with either of our Wild West wallpapers — it feels like it pulls you into the scene! An illustrated Sandcastle Nugget couch paired with Anewall's Western print

For those who want a more subtle look, pairing a neutral wallpaper with one pop of color is the way to go.  And we love how the navy brings depth to the mr.sloth wallpaper! An illustrated Blueridge Nugget couch paired with Anewall's Mr. Sloth print

Many thanks to Richele and Sydney for sharing their story and interiors expertise! Check out Anewall online on their site and social.