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A girl with curly red hair wearing blue sits on an Elmo Nugget which consists of 2 red pillows with Elmo's face, a cushion with colorful shapes and faces, and a red base. There are half circle props around her.

We’ve made our way over to Sesame Street with our latest collaboration: The Elmo Nugget! From their beloved characters to their mission of helping kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, the Sesame Workshop perfectly aligns with our own mission of growing imaginations.

Our team focused on creating a Nugget as approachable and huggable as its namesake, Elmo. The patterned cushion is full of simple, bright shapes sure to make you smile, while the double-brushed red base and pillows are cozy and ready for a snuggle. Nugget is so happy to see you… welcome, Elmo!

A little kid lies across an Elmo Nugget on their belly, gazing at the camera. Backdrop is a playroom that looks like a neighborhood block, with brightly colored walls and a play house with a real door.Because we know that Elmo has so many friends, this Special Edition Nugget x Sesame Street collaboration will only be available via a lottery drawing. Registration opens today, Wednesday, 11/17 at 12pm ET, and runs through Monday, 11/22 at 9am ET. All registrants will be notified on Monday 11/22 whether or not they are selected; winners will have 48 hours to complete their purchase. The Elmo Nugget! The Nugget is divided into two mini-couches, with the patterned cushion and one Elmo pillow on the left and the red base and one Elmo pillow on the right. Nugget x Sesame Street logos at the bottom of the image.Can’t wait to snuggle with your own Elmo Nugget? Read on for all the directions to make your way to Sesame Street.

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When will the Elmo Nugget be available?

You can sign up for the Nugget x Sesame Street lottery from 11/17 at 12pm ET through 11/22 at 9am ET.  

How much does the Elmo Nugget cost?

This Special Edition licensed product will be available as a full Nugget for $279 and a Cover Set for $159. Pillow Packs will not be available. 

What’s the cancelation/return policy?

Due to the limited nature of this Special Edition licensed product, Elmo Nuggets and Elmo Cover Sets are final sale purchases and are not eligible for cancelation, return or 30-day trial.

Can you describe the fabric?

Absolutely! This Special Edition Nugget is unique for many reasons, including that it is our first mixed-material Nugget. The patterned thin cushion is cloaked in our regular microsuede, the super soft and durable fabric we love to work with. The red thick base and pillows are covered with our luxe and ultra-comfortable double-brushed microsuede! Each pillow has one applique Elmo face.

A red base, with "Double-brushed microsuede" caption and arrow pointing to the base; a patterned cushion with "Microsuede" caption; and two red pillows with Elmo face appliques stacked on top of each other, with "Double-brushed microsuede with applique Elmo face" caption

How do you take care of this very special Special Edition Nugget?

Good question, Nuggeteers! To preserve color, wash covers on cold with only Nugget pieces of the same color. For Elmo Nuggets and Cover Sets, that means that we recommend washing the patterned cushion separately from the solid red base. The pillow covers are spot-clean only.

Will the Nugget x Sesame Street collaboration be available as an Elmo Pillow Pack?

No, Pillow Packs will not be available for the Elmo Nugget.

How long will the Nugget x Sesame Street collaboration be available?

This is a one-time lottery but anything can happen at Nugget HQ! We may see Sesame Street friends again down the road.

The registration period for the lottery will be open Wednesday, November 17th at 12pm ET through Monday, November 22nd at 9am ET. Winners will be randomly drawn on Monday, November 22nd and all registrants (whether or not you’re selected as a winner) will be notified the same day via email and through your Nugget account. 

Will Nugget x Sesame Street orders arrive in time for the holidays?

Nuggets ordered on or after November 22nd, including Elmo Nuggets, will not ship in 2021. That said, our team has hustled to cut down on shipping times for Cover Sets, and while we can't guarantee it, we expect many Elmo Cover Sets to arrive at homes by 12/24.

Pandemic and natural disaster-related limitations on materials this year, specifically foam, mean that the supply of Nugget materials isn’t what it should be. The good news is that Cover Sets don’t require those materials, which is why we’ve been able to get them packed up and ready to go at a faster pace!

Please note that all Nuggets will continue to leave our warehouse within the shipping estimate provided at the time of ordering, which means that we expect Elmo Nuggets to leave our warehouse in January of 2022. The current shipping window is within eight weeks. Thank you for your patience this holiday season!Elmo Nugget shapes being used as a page divider

How does the lottery work?

We’re so glad you asked! We have a step-by-step guide here but, overall, the steps include:

  • Enter the lottery between 11/17 at 12pm ET and 11/22 at 9am ET. 
  • Check your email or Nugget account on Monday 11/22 for notification from Nugget.
  • If you are selected, you will have a 48 hour window to complete your check out.

What does it mean if I’m selected through the lottery?

It means that it’s time to do the happy dance! All registrants will be notified on Monday, 11/22. If you’re selected, you’ll receive two emails. The first email will let you know which product you’re eligible to purchase — either a full Nugget or a Cover Set, depending on which lotteries you entered. Later, you’ll receive a separate email with a special checkout link (it may take up to a few hours for this email to land in your inbox, so please be patient!) — once you receive the second email, your checkout link will be active for 48 hours, so make sure that you complete the purchase ASAP if you’d like to do so.

If you’re having trouble locating the email with the checkout link, please check your Spam folder. If you still haven’t received the email with the checkout link after 24 hours, please reach out to our customer team at and they’ll be happy to assist.

Please note that being selected for the lottery does not mean you win a free product, but rather the chance to purchase using your special checkout link. 

If I’m not selected through the lottery, will I still receive a notification after the drawing?

Yes. All lottery participants will receive an email notification after the lottery drawing, whether or not they’re selected.

What if my name is drawn for an Elmo Cover Set, but I really wanted the full Nugget?

Each lottery participant is only eligible to win one drawing, but you’re welcome to enter both to increase your chances of being able to purchase at least one version of this Special Edition product (either a full Nugget or a Cover Set). The drawing for Cover Sets will take place first; once those winners have been selected, we’ll select separate winners for full Elmo Nuggets.

If your name is selected in one of our drawings, you’ll only be eligible to purchase the product that you were drawn for — our team will not be able to change or edit the product type or quantity. 

If I win the lottery but change my mind, do I have to complete my purchase? 

No – if you’re selected in one of the drawings, there is no obligation to complete the purchase. Just keep in mind that your personal checkout link will expire after 48 hours, so make sure you decide before then! 

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