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Mom. Mama. Nibi. Zaza. Mommy. All names said with love. All individuals who deserve our bountiful recognition, thanks, and support.

Today, we honor all the mother figures who pour their hearts, minds, and bodies into raising the next generation. We asked Nugget team members to share some of their favorite memories with their moms — get out the tissues, we’ve got some winners here.

Mother seated at table with two young children and baby on her lap, at birthday celebration

Alyssa and Rachel

Yes, we’ve got sisters on the team! Alyssa is an expert member of our Customer Experience team, while Rachel is the creative mind behind our graphic designs and illustrations. Their mom, Le, always comes to mind with certain works of art: “Our mom used to play a Phantom of the Opera CD when she picked us up from school, and Pride & Prejudice while we played around in her closet - now they’re comfort things that always remind us of her!”

Sepia-toned mother and daughter on merry-go-round


Director of Customer Experience Kelsey loves spending time with her mom, Jan. When asked for a favorite memory, Kelsey couldn’t pick just one. “Gosh, I have so many favorite memories with my mom. We’ve been fortunate to travel together quite a bit, but for my birthday a few years ago, we took a trip to Nashville and had the best time. We went to a concert, ate lots of good food, took a few naps, and we went wedding dress shopping! It was such a special time with her and I’ll never forget it.”

Mother with two young kids in the parking lot of a motel on a sunny day


One of our co-founders credits her mom, Linda, for teaching her to work hard and be kind to others. “My mom is a hustler! I love that my mom worked so hard to get a good job. My favorite memory is how she always took me and my brother to her jobs. In college, she worked at a daycare. I was just a kid myself but my brother and I would help her take care of the kids at the daycare. I remember rubbing all of the little kids backs until they fell asleep.”

Waist-up photo of two parents holding their baby, with their mothers on each side


With the support of her mother Judy and mother-in-law Cathy, Arielle has the support of not just one but two amazing women. “I’m thankful that my mom has always been there, every concert, musical, band performance, graduation, major move across state or country lines. My favorite memory of my mother-in-law is the first Christmas I spent with her. She made me my own stocking and bought me gifts even though she'd only met me once before then!”

Mother in oversized t-shirt sitting with daughter on the floor in front of a floral-print dresser


“Growing up my mom taught me how to be tough and independent, but was always there for me when I needed her the most. I’m so grateful that I can call her anytime for anything (especially when it comes to cooking and baking!) I love that I have such a strong role model in my life.”

Autumn outdoor photo of mother in turtleneck and sweater with son holding stuffed animal


His favorite memory of his mom, Carey, is such a sweet reminder that the simple moments are sometimes the most powerful. “Whenever there was a big thunderstorm, we would grab all of the couch cushions, lay in the sun room, and watch lightning sound off. It's little childhood memories like this that I cherish.”


Selfie photo with young woman in foreground and three smiling women in background


This Mother’s Day, Erin celebrates her Auntie Kate. Her favorite memories are family holidays, cooking meals together and playing games around the table.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who share their love and wisdom with the world!