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The spirit of Shel Silverstein is alive and well at Nugget.

In emails and Instagram captions you’ve probably seen that we like to rhyme from time to time, and we definitely enjoy an outrageous scene or two involving little ones (avoiding family room lava by jumping between Nugget pieces, or hopping from one Nugget to another in a pond-like living room). We may not go to the extent of children turning into TV sets and kings having their mouths sealed shut by peanut butter, but you get the idea.

Shel Silverstein would be 89 years old today, and for that reason (and for bringing joy to us for so many years), we celebrated him with a new thing you may have noticed on the site recently: The Noodle.

Nugget logo with doodle of fac enext to it 

The Noodle (“Nugget” + “doodle”) is an illustrated version of the Nugget logo that we occasionally change out with the normal website logo to call attention to an event on a given day or week. Today, we took the famous sliver-missing character from “The Missing Piece,” for a version of the Nugget logo in Silverstein’s trademark black and white. But today’s wasn’t the first Noodle! Here are some others from recent Nugget history… 

The last thing we’d want to see is people left out in the cold, unable to see the big show. Good thing that during the release of Broadway, every visitor to the site was greeted with a Nugget ticket.

Red ticket stub with Nugget logo

Apples and rulers are fine, but when it comes to symbols of back-to-school, pencils never get old. We got in the spirit of back-to-school week back in August with a Nugget pencil bouncing back and forth with the energy of a new school year.

Yellow penil drawing with Nugget logo

Last but not least, the first Nugget doodle was in support of a truly magical color: our emerald Beanstalk. We had a leafy, star-studded logo on the site to mark the occasion.

Nugget logo with plants and sparkles

Now that you know all about the Noodle, keep an eye out for more! And if you have any bright ideas, let us know. We’re always happy to give the ol’ logo a fresh coat of paint for the day. 

And HBD to Shel Silverstein!