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Redwood is almost here

Peeking out from the forest of giants and bubbling up from the depths of the deep, dark blue — what's that, we sea? It's the Lost Nugget of Atlantis! And the hidden Redwood Nugget among the trees! 

Make room, Harbor — you're no longer the undisputed coziest Nugget in the lineup. Atlantis and Redwood are finally here, as both Nuggets and Cover Sets, in the same extremely popular double-brush cozy fabric as Harbor. 

We wanted to release these as soon as we heard so many kids would be spending more time at home this year, but due to our production constraints, it was never the right time. Now that we're into August, and so many Nuggeteers will continue to spend many of their days at home - it's finally time for these cozy Nuggets to transport them to amazing, otherworldly destinations! 

Redwood!Redwood in-home.Redwood is a warm brick red with cozy texture - reminiscent of the tall and proud coastal California Sequoias. We love the warmth it brings to living rooms and family rooms. 

One of our frequently asked questions about the regal Redwood is: "How does it compare with other colors?" While everyone sees color differently and our microsuede can appear different in different lighting, we at Nugget agree that Redwood is a touch deeper and more brick red than Rust - and more subdued and warm than our cardinal red, Broadway. Here's a picture of Redwood and Rust. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? 

Redwood Cover Set on top of a J&J Rust Cover Set



Atlantis!atlantis home

When you think of Atlantis, you may first remember it as one of the most underrated fantasy/action-adventure films of 2001. We would be lying if we said it didn't inspire this color's name! True to the vibrant underwater city, Atlantis is an exotic, peacock teal with an alluring shine. We love the luscious color it brings to all rooms it lives in, and Nuggeteers seem to really adore it, too!

One of our frequently asked questions about aquatic Atlantis is: "How does it compare with other colors?" Closest to limited edition Lagoon, Atlantis is much deeper and has more green to it. Here's a picture of Atlantis and Lagoon — do you spot any buried treasures? 
atlantis compare

Atlantis and Redwood, our new duo of cozy, double brush textured fabric, release this Friday, August 14th, at 12 Noon EST, in both Nuggets ($259) and Cover Sets ($129). And this won't be the only chance to get them — they'll continue to be stocked after this release! Twelve other colors are restocking too, don't miss out!

Nugget release date with confetti