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We're just a few days away from Christmas, and in many places around the country, we're in the thick of the chilliest, frostiest, freeziest time of year. Whether or not you have a Nugget at home just yet, it's showtime for indoor activities. Because, while it's fun to bundle up and go outside, nothing beats the cozy warmth of home. 

At Nugget, we're doing our part to contribute, with a new set of holiday coloring sheets to get young artists' imaginations running wild. 

Nugget Tiny Designer's Template Holiday Edition

This one's a little bit meta for a scene that you'll probably color inside your home, right next to your Nugget: it's the inside of a home — with a Nugget! It might not be a winter wonderland outside your window just yet, but in this scene, the weather can be anything you want! Snow? Sleet? Cats and dogs? 

Download a print-sized Coloring Sheet 1.


Nugget Tiny Designer's Template Holiday Edition - Character

Hey look — it's a new friend! We introduced a new band of friendly characters to the world of Nugget this year. There's just one problem: they don't have a name! For regular credit, color in this bundled up snow buddy. For extra credit: let us know what to call them!

Download a print-sized Coloring Sheet 2.


Nugget Tiny Designer's Template Holiday Edition - House

If there's one thing everyone knows the color of, it's our Nugget packaging — affectionately known as our #BigOrangeBox — it's orange! But on a Tiny Designer coloring sheet? It can be any color of the rainbow! Or multiple colors, for that matter. And once you're finished with that, don't forget about the home it's been delivered to — it looks like that house could use a fresh coat of paint. 

Download a print-sized Coloring Sheet 3.

When you're finished, don't forget to sign your sheet, and show your work! We'd love to share your coloring creations with Nuggeteers everywhere. Happy Holidays!