Celebrating Black Futures filled with potential

At Nugget, we take time not only to reflect, but to look ahead. Our annual Black Futures efforts amplify Black voices, hold space for Black joy, and support organizations working to prioritize play, prosperity, and potential for Black Futures.  

To date, we’ve donated $140,000 to non-profits with missions ranging from Black maternal health to creative expression.

Representation in media matters

This year, we are highlighting representation in media. Experiencing inclusion at a young age is powerful, but experiencing the opposite is, as well. We believe it's crucial for every child to see themselves reflected in the stories they read and the images they view — so they can easily imagine all they can do and become.

Upcoming Events:
Nugget Storytime at Liberation Station, Raleigh NC

Black maternal health

In a world rife with structural racism and implicit bias, not all children are presented with the same opportunities. 

These disparities start at birth, as shown by the stark reality of Black maternal health outcomes. Black birthing individuals are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than White women. Black infants are more than twice as likely to die before their first birthday as White infants. 

Our focus in 2021 and 2022 centered around North Carolina-based nonprofit Equity Before Birth. With Nuggeteers’ help, we donated $110,000 to support this group’s critical work.

Celebrating Black creativity

In 2023, Nugget honored and highlighted the work of Black artists and creatives in our Atlanta community, and we educated ourselves on the disheartening barriers that Black professionals face every day in creative industries. Nugget also directly donated $30,000 to Black creative organizations that prioritize play and self expression.


Keith Rosemond II

Keith is a fine artist and graphic illustrator who’s designed work for Wells Fargo, Ford, and Elavon. He’s an advocate for bringing parents into the conversation around art as a potential career path.

Erica Tuggle

Founder Erica created her own business from scratch, Cookonnect, when she realized she and her husband spent too much precious family time prepping meals. She says entrepreneurs use their creativity, imagination, and vision to solve problems and grow.

Derrick Whitfield, Sr.

Graphic designer Derrick has churned out logo design, portrait artwork, apparel, and brand work for the likes of House of Blues and Peloton instructor Jess Sims — but he’s just as happy drawing alongside his young son.