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Introducing the delectable Chicken Nugget Nugget

Inspired by the sophisticated palettes of Nuggeteers everywhere, our newest Nuggets feature a tasteful custom-designed pattern highlighting your favorite bite-sized snack, the humble chicken nugget.

A Nugget that’s almost good enough to eat.

Who doesn’t love a good nug? Once we started snacking, we couldn’t stop at just one Chicken Nugget Nugget. We created THREE — something for everyone, no matter your palette.

This finger-licking play couch comes in three varieties: Regular, Spicy, and Vegan. A veritable savory adventure awaits with each flavor profile.

Nutritional Information

While the Chicken Nugget Nugget regrettably isn't breaded or fried, it does come in our traditional microsuede fabric! And because no chicken nugget should ever be consumed bare, we are thrilled to present our top pairings for your new Chicken Nugget Nugget.


Rein in the Chicken Nugget Nugget's best tasting notes by packing it in your saddle bag with Rodeo. We dedicate this pairing to the best BBQ sauce out there — NC-style, of course.


Need to spice up your space? Add some zest to the Chicken Nugget Nugget with Brightside — a nod to the zingy heat of a good buffalo sauce.


Our comforting, mossy sage brings all the energy of a soothing avocado crema to your playroom, the most underrated of all nugget sauces.

Ready to add some flavor to your playtime with the Chicken Nugget Nugget? Get exclusive early access to the full meal by reading through our FAQs below!

My mouth is watering. How soon can I get a Chicken Nugget Nugget? Can I bulk order?

How fast can you read through our FAQs? The answers are all here! Regarding how many you can order, the limit does not exist. After all, if your kid can eat infinite numbers of them, they're gonna want infinite numbers of Chicken Nugget Nuggets.

What decor goes best with the Chicken Nugget Nugget? How should I style it in my home?

If you’re wondering how the Chicken Nugget Nugget Collection will complement your playroom palette, we highly recommend throw blankets as a great, creative way to add “condiments” to your Nugget! A red blanket makes a super fun ketchup alternative, and a white hand-knit throw couldn’t be a better mayo option. We think Chicken Nugget Nugget adds the most flavor to eclectic interior spaces, but it also lends a certain je nai se quoi in modern farmhouse, shabby chic, and rustic styles.

Okay, this seems fishy. It’s April 1st. Is this a joke?

First of all, we told you: It’s chicken, not fish. Second of all, if you suspected fowl play, you're right. You cannot purchase the Chicken Nugget Nugget. April Fool's! We love a good practical yolk around here. However — we actually designed a limited edition Chicken Nugget Nugget! You can get the details and enter to win one by heading to our Instagram profile. Happy snacking!