Yay! Your Chunk™ has arrived!

Chunk is ready to roll right out of the box — remove it from the plastic and let the fun begin.

Playtime Playbook:

Adventure Zone

Chunk™ is made for kids (and kids-at-heart) 3 years and older for exploration and adventure — it is not for sleeping!

Keep it Light

There should never be heavy items on top of Chunk™ when someone is inside or underneath.

Stay Open

Roll it from the living room to the playroom to the kid’s room — just keep play in open spaces and not on or around stairs.

Open up a world of play (furniture)!

Chunk™ is the best thing to happen to playtime since the Nugget®, and that’s no coincidence — they were made to play together! From castles with a door leading to a secret hideaway, to a train with a seat for the conductor and more…the possibilities are endless.

Step into the Nuggetverse and check out some play furniture inspiration!

Rounding out the details

Playtime protection

Accidents happen sometimes! That’s why we created Chunk™ Liner Sets, made with non-toxic waterproof material to provide maximum protection for your Chunk™.

Easy care

Playtime can get messy, which is why all of our kid-proof fabrics are machine-washable. Visit our FAQs for quick and easy care instructions.

Certified Nuggety™

Chunk™ is assembled by our team in North Carolina, using high-quality, durable foam and fabric. It’s also covered by our one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Learn more about our materials on our blog.