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As many parents quickly find out, choosing furniture for your kid isn’t child’s play. Whether the furniture is for a brand-new nursery or to transform a toddler’s room, you’re probably going to do plenty of research to find the perfect pieces for your little one. The furniture you choose must be comfortable, safe, fun, and functional – and we know a thing or two about putting the “fun” in “functional.”

You also want a bigger bang for your buck so your kids won’t outgrow things quickly. Sound like an impossible task? It doesn’t have to be! At Nugget, we’re experts in children’s furniture and have plenty of tips on choosing furniture to inspire growing imaginations.

What Is Children’s Furniture and Why Is It Important?

Child sits on a Koala Nugget looking out the window in their playroom

Transitional kids' furniture—whether a bunk bed frame for maximum vertical space or a chest of drawers—is designed to meet every development stage.

Since children grow so quickly, you’ll find kids’ furniture is typically multifunctional or extendable. These options include a wide selection of storage beds ideal for functioning as transitional furniture.

One of the best advantages of children’s furniture is the promotion of independence. Playroom furniture, such as storage units, shelving units, and bookcases, help keep child-friendly items within reach of little ones. Giving a child their own space offers them more ways to explore an environment without depending on adults too much. 

Likewise, children’s furniture builds confidence. A toddler can’t readily move an adult chair, which could frustrate them if they need assistance. In contrast, a child-friendly ergonomic desk chair is relatively easy to pull, boosting their confidence with every maneuver.

Sets of kids tables and chairs are also the perfect opportunity to join your little ones for daily tea parties. The right kind of kid-friendly furniture keeps you close and helps make toddlers feel like they’re equals. The chairs provide plenty of seating for their favorite stuffies, too!

The Philosophy Behind Children's Furniture

Two children play on a Brightside Nugget set up like a table

For many, Maria Montessori’s scientific pedagogy writings redefined how we see children. Historically, furniture was designed only with adults in mind, from the formal dining table to the chairs that shaped a living room.

Things began to shift because of Montessori. Through her experiments and research, Montessori advocated for children to have the right-sized furniture to cater to their stimulus and growth.

These teachings have been a driving force behind the refinement of kids’ furniture to promote child autonomy, safety, and development at school and home.

Tips for Buying Children’s Furniture in 2022 and Beyond

A family sits in their living room while two children play under a Willow Nugget built like a fort

Your older child is probably craving some dedicated lounge space of their own, and you may be on the hunt for an adorable bookcase that can stash away school supplies. But how will you find the right fit at affordable prices?

Parents need to consider many things when buying furniture for kids, from natural materials to considering multifunctional pieces. These key points can help you find the best options for you and your little ones.

Designed With Multiple Growth Stages in Mind

Kids grow quickly, but it’s not just their T-shirts, pants, and shoes that will no longer fit. Even beds and wardrobes are only usable for a specific time. Of course, this reality can be frustrating if you invest in expensive furniture for your kid’s room.

Thankfully, many pieces of furniture for kids “grow” with your budding builders. That adaptability is more sustainable while offering parents versatility and long-term savings.

So, rather than purchase new furniture pieces for each growth phase, look at flexible pieces of furniture.

For example, modular box-shaped kids’ furniture boasts complete flexibility to create different shelf heights, toy parking, a baby changing unit, and seating of multiple sizes. Such furniture keeps up with your kid as they blaze through shoe sizes (and snacks).

What’s more, this kind of bedroom furniture offers a timeless aesthetic while creating an engaging, imaginative space.

Designed To Inspire Confidence and Use of Imagination 

The right selection of children’s furniture can give your young ones confidence and boost their creativity. Furniture such as The Nugget shapes your kids’ sense of ownership about the space they live in, which gives them encouragement to be who they are. 

After all, increased accessibility supports an independent mindset that stops kids from waiting for the next instruction.

It Turns Your Home Into a Playground 

Your home should be a safe environment but also a place that sparks creativity. A few pieces of the right furniture can easily transform a space into a fun and functional play space.

Start by adding furniture with built-in storage to keep any prized possessions tucked away, so your little ones get more room to roam. These units should be low enough to reach and organize their stuff.

Adding a play couch will give your little ones a safe and comfortable space to be creative. Kid-friendly couches have a soft surface and typically come in multiple pieces for a world of possible configurations. That flexibility allows children to explore unique styles of imaginative play.

Your child can use the individual pieces to create the ideal bed, a chill-out couch, a fort, or anything else to transform their current space. Here are some more styling guides to help you inspire all-day fun in your home!


Nothing is permanent when it comes to kids. They change their favorite styles, colors, and foods as easily as the wind blows. And their space is no exception.

The best thing to do is to make sure you’re planning and buying children’s furniture that grows with them. With the right kid-specific furniture sets, you can help your child build their sense of self-worth, confidence, and independence while they make unforgettable memories.

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