Young child on pink-colored Nugget with "Now scented!" overlaid on top of the image.For years, we’ve pondered and puzzled over how to make the Nugget even better. We’ve wondered how to make the imaginative, playful worlds that kids create using Nuggets even more immersive and fantastic. After hundreds of hours of research, it turns out the answer was right under our noses. Literally. 

They say that of all our senses, none is more associated with memory and emotion than scent. So, we thought, what could be more fitting than giving a beloved kids toy — one that’s used to make new memories each day — a distinctive, delightful smell? Well, we’ve worked, tinkered, tested, and prepared, and are proud to finally announce our latest product line… The Scent-Sational Collection, from Nugget!

This fabric, which joins our traditional microsuede and luxe double-brushed microsuede as a third fabric option, completely immerses the user in a color experience that’s a treat not only for the eyes, but also for the nose. We’re rolling out a scented-Nugget option in four colors to start – Sandcastle, Lolly, Brightside, and Blueridge – with even more pungent Nuggets on the way in the months and years to come. 

Follow Your Nose

Each Nugget’s distinctive scent is woven into the Nugget fabric after the dye process, ensuring a perfect harmony between the color and aroma. We worked exclusively with the leading aromatic experts to ensure the best experience — tested and proven for over 1,000 whiffs and/or sniffs — across these four releases. 

Image of a young child under a yellowish-orange Nugget out, with "Now scented!" written on top of the image.

Explore the Scent-Sational Collection

Sandcastle, a sandy, golden neutral, will have you on out-of-office mode in no time, sending waves of salty air and sunscreen scents throughout your home. On first sniff, you’ll be whisked away to a dream vacation destination, walking along the beach and taking in the shoreline; as the smell settles in the room, coconut sunscreen will permeate through your home.

Lolly, a cool, candy pink, is imbued with a bubble gum scent reminiscent of vintage candy shops and shaved ice. The scent may transport you back to summer evenings at the ballpark or riding a Ferris wheel, as the sun sets and lights pop on throughout the carnival. Not bad for just another day on the Nugget! 

Brightside, a sunny, cheerful mango, offers a different nostalgic scent: eggs and coffee served up at your favorite diner. Who wouldn’t want freshly-cooked eggs wafting through their home every day? Take one smell and immediately enter a dazzling daydream where the eggs are cooked to order, the coffee is always hot, and you didn’t just spill hot sauce on your brand new white shirt.

Blueridge, a classic, grounded navy, is named for the blue-tinged mountains of North Carolina. But after infusing this Nugget with the aroma of pristine mountain air, we didn’t stop there. We added on another distinctive North Carolina scent: N.C. Vinegar-based BBQ. And for those debating what is the “right” type of BBQ sauce… there’s only one answer.

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