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Stephanie lives in Canada with her two kids, husband, and beloved dog, Oliver. As a longtime Nugget fan, she’s prioritized Nuggets in their home, citing their versatility and practicality for different ages and uses. Join us in a day in the life, as they use their Nuggets for play, creativity, and relaxation.

Two children sit at a "Nugget table" build made with Redwood and Sandcastle Nuggets, with two decorate stars suspended from the ceiling above.

Welcome to our home! I'm Stephanie, mama to two rambunctious boys with needs and founder of the lifestyle blog, Our Little Chaos. Being an American living in Canada, it was a bit of an adjustment when we moved up north because of how common multi level homes are. Instead of our 1500 square foot home being on one or two levels, it is divided into three, making our shared spaces and bedrooms quite cozy. 

A child and a dog lounge on a Nugget "sectional" made up of four Nuggets.Our home may not have the space for a large, dreamy playroom; however, what we lack in size, we make up for in fun with our FOUR Nuggets! I know that it might seem impossible to fit not one but FOUR Nuggets into our space, but let me show you how we make it work in our home.

Four Nuggets are set up as wedges, facing into a square "parkour" course. A child hangs out in the back of the frame and a dog walks towards the camera. Due to the layout and smaller rooms, we can store and play with our Nuggets in three areas: the living room and boys' bedrooms. Our living room is just under 80 sq feet and is where we keep our Nuggets most of the time – it's the perfect couch for the whole family. When not in use, we stack them up high in a tower. The best part about them being kept in this tiny living space is that we can transform the room from a couch to a castle to a parkour training area in a snap.

Two kids sit at a "Nugget table" while having a snack.Head on over to our stairs, and you'll often find our Nuggets transformed into a giant slide for the kids. This is the perfect go-to activity for when the kids have lots of wiggles, and mama needs to finish a hot coffee. 

A child smiles as they slide down a Nugget stairway slide.Travel up our Nugget slide to my boys' rooms, and you will see a lot of game-oriented builds such as skee ball or Nugget ball runs, which you can see more about here

A child plays a ball toss game with a Nugget and wooden toys.These are both great activities for small spaces. Also, with their rooms being limited in size, we love to fold our Nuggets in half and stack them up like little sitting chairs. 

Wooden letters displayed as a game on a Sandcastle Nugget

Storing them like this not only creates a cute and cozy spot for reading bedtime stories, but the perfect step stool to see the world outside.

A child stands on a Nugget set up as a chair, looking out the window.

Thank you, Stephanie, for inviting us into your home and sharing your favorite Nugget builds in your home! We love hearing from real-life Nuggeteers – share your story on social and tag us @nuggetcomfort. While you’re on Instagram, be sure to give Stephanie a follow @ourlittlechaos for even more Nuggety ideas!