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Kim and Kaycee hold their two children

We’re in awe of Kim and Kaycee — they’re twin moms, effortlessly cool TikTokers, and champions of intersectional queer representation. They live in sunny San Diego in a home with Kaycee’s parents and daughters Caelen and Rian, building new memories amidst childhood ones.

In this edition of At Home, we talk to Kim and Kaycee about keeping their daughters curious, about blending the Lemonade Nugget into their minimalist style aesthetic, and why, to them, Y’all Means All means a bright future for their kids.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Can you describe your home?

Kaycee: It’s my parents home. I grew up here. Kim and I moved back in after we had our twins. So many memories in this home, and it feels good to be making more with the twins. 
Kim: It’s the perfect space for our twins to grow up in.

That’s so special to live in your childhood home! What is that like?

Kaycee: I have two siblings, so it was always a full house. My family lives in San Diego, so the holidays were the best. All the aunties, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, and cousins would celebrate at my family’s house. It’s just like the movies. Also, food is a Filipino’s love language. There’s always lots of it! The house is even more packed now with all the grandkids.

What are some of your favorite spaces in your home?

Kim: Our favorite space is our room. We are big fans of minimalist design: neutral colors, clean lines, and natural lighting.
Kaycee: We also have a gym room. We are advocates of healthy living. As busy moms, readily having access to a gym is important for us.
Kim: The backyard is like an oasis and reminiscent of the Philippines. There’s lots of greenery and lots of sun that comes in. There’s a pond with koi fish, and a traditional bahay kubo — a Filipino-style house made of bamboo. 
Kaycee: It’s beautiful and definitely refreshing. It really feels like being back home. The kids love to hang out here to play and get some vitamin D! They play with their chalk, practice gymnastics, and just get to be kids. We’re grateful to have a backyard with this sort of space.

Y’all have the coolest style — both at home and in your fashion! How would you describe your aesthetic?

Kaycee: We’re both simple, but we are opposite in a way where I like more fitted clothing. 
Kim: I resonate with genderless fashion. I would say it’s street style but class at the same time. 

What are some of your favorite small shops?

Kaycee: Throwing Tiny Fits is an Afro-Latina owned clothing brand for kids. We feel like their clothes allow our kids to express themselves uniquely. We love all their pieces.
Kim: Also, a brand called CoolMomsClvb — owned by a mom, and empowering other moms through clothing and community.

Do you have any advice for other parents trying to capture that similar minimalist vibe?

Kim: We draw interest from stores like CB2 or West Elm. It can be costly, so IKEA can be a great option as well. Anything modular and clean lines, much like the Nugget!

How does your family use the Nugget?

Kaycee: The twins love it. It’s a piece specifically for them. It allows their curious minds to be fulfilled.
Kim: Not only do the twins love it, but Kaycee and I as well. Nothing makes us happier than having an aesthetic piece that the kids can also enjoy. And the color is beautiful and lively! Easy to integrate with our decor. It’s a win for all of us!

What’s your favorite build?

Kim: The kids’ favorite Nugget build is easily the triangle tent. Anything that resembles a fort, tent, or house is exciting for them. It really feeds into their imagination for role playing. They like to play mommy-daughter or doctor-patient.

How does your family like to spend time together?

Kaycee: We try to find different activities that we can do as a family. Picnics, painting, lots of park time, making homemade snacks/smoothies, and homemade playdough. We value the importance of recreating things at home and not just purchasing it at the store. 

What else are your kids into these days?

Kim: At this time, their minds are so curious. They’re into role playing, acting, and singing. Usually in front of people they’re kind of shy, but they’re starting to break out of their shell. We also put them in gymnastics which they love. We feel that it helps build their confidence.

Nugget embraces the joyful and hopeful phrase “Y’all means all” for Pride month. What does “Y’all means all” mean to you and your family?

Kim: It means everything. That phrase represents inclusivity, non-bias, representation, and respect for everyone. Coming from a big company like y’all, it also means hope. We love it! And it aligns with everything we stand for. 
Kaycee: The phrase gives us peace — that our twins’ future includes a place where everyone is accepted, no matter what.

You talk a lot about representation on your social media feeds — and you share openly about all aspects of life as a queer family. You also utilize a lot of hashtags like #team2moms, #teamtwomoms, #lesbiansofinstagram, #lovewins, #filipina, #lgbtfamily. Can you share more about that? 

Kim: We understand that our relationship and our family isn’t considered the societal norm. We once received a comment from someone that said something along the lines of, “You guys are making a difference, just by living.” That comment alone reinforced how important representation is. 
Kaycee: And coming from a Filipino background, we understand how lucky we are to have been raised in the United States. We can’t say the same for our relatives back home. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic Country, so being queer is not widely accepted. This is why we tag #filipina. We hope to inspire at least one person to not be afraid to come out, so that they can truly love who they want.
Kim: “Y’all means all,” to our family, means that love comes in all forms — #lovewins. “Y’all means all” means two dads or two moms — #teamtwomoms. If sharing our love and hanging out with our besties (the twins!) can promote hope, that’s what we will strive to do. 

Thank you so much to Kim, Kaycee, Caelen, and Rian for opening their home to us for this At Home feature. Keep up with their adventures on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.