Illustrated lemonade stand with text "Why shop small"

This June, we launched a new color inspired by a refreshing summer classic: Lemonade. But the color means more to us than a seasonal beverage — it pulls us back to our roots as entrepreneurs. It’s true! We’ve had the entrepreneurship bug since we tested our very first business idea as kids: the iconic lemonade stand. 

It takes courage and perseverance to start your own business. Whether you’re a six-year-old mixing up sweet lemonade, a brilliant entrepreneur selling locally made, hand-crafted goods, or a growing manufacturer making Nugget play couches, we all want to serve our customers the best product we can. To celebrate Lemonade’s launch, we did five surprise giveaways at small, independently owned shops around the country, bringing together our vibrant new yellow with our small business roots!

American Express estimates that for every dollar you spend at a local small business, $0.67 stays in your own community. That’s huge! Small businesses really matter, and you can really make an impact by shopping small. 

To get you started, we’re highlighting the entrepreneurial journey of five women- and BIPOC-owned shops that helped us give away Lemonade Nuggets to local shoppers! Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own lemonade stand idea or a new place to shop, we’ve got you covered.

Amanda, owner of Mochi kids in her store

Mochi Kids
Located: Salt Lake City, Utah
Owner: Amanda
Shop online: 
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Amanda’s favorite memory of running her business: “When I opened my brick + mortar store, I was really nervous no one would come. It was the biggest investment I had ever made, and I was stressed that I made a huge mistake. Our first day was chaotic — the furniture we had ordered hadn't all arrived, and a pipe in our ceiling started leaking. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Shortly after we opened the doors, people started coming in — people I didn't know or recognize. I looked up from behind the cash register and got teary eyed seeing all these people in my store. It was really a Field of Dreams moment: ‘If you build it, they will come.’”

Inside of Happy Mango store

Happy Mango
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Owner: Phnewfula
Shop online:
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Phnewfula’s advice to anyone starting a business: “Be prepared to be unprepared. There is not really much that prepares you for the ups and downs of entrepreneurship because every business is different and every person is different. Start your business and be flexible. Don't wait until you think you have everything on your checklist, just start. Starting is the hardest part.”

Inside of Yinibini Baby

Yinibini Baby
Location: Washington, DC
Owner: Soyini George 
Shop online:
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Soyini’s favorite memory of running her business: “The first time I saw a little one wearing a t-shirt I had made! I was walking to the grocery store and walking towards me was a momma with her little one, and he was wearing one of my tees! I was so excited, I'm quite sure they noticed.”

Window display from Paper Kite store

Paper Kite
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska 
Owner: Meg Hasselbalch
Shop online:
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Meg’s favorite memory of running her business: “The day I opened, I picked up balloons, had butterflies in my stomach, was so excited and had no clue what I was doing! I remember being in my parents’ kitchen doing a goofy happy dance, like I couldn't believe I was getting ready to go unlock my own shop. That, and bringing each of my three kiddos into the shop for the first time when they were born.”

Owner of Kodomo outside her storefront

Location: Boston
Shop online:
Follow: Instagram

Why Jasmine chose the name “Kodomo” for her store: “It’s pronounced koh-doh-moh, and it means ‘child’ in Japanese. Kodomo is slow fashion. [We hand-pick styles] for their playfulness, made by designers hand-selected for their ethics and business practices. It’s skirts that spin and “soft pants” and things that ballerinas and princesses and maybe even snowmen wear. But it’s all of those things re-invented: a showcase of clothing and accessories that kids and parents alike can love, because they look right, feel right, and are right.”

Thank you again to our small shop partners for helping us celebrate the launch of Lemonade. We love highlighting small businesses on our social media. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok so you don’t miss a thing!