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Illustration of Nugget Employee Jordan

Somehow, between quickly responding to customer inquiries and improving the overall customer experience with Nugget, Customer Experience Associate Jordan found a moment to sit down with Allie, Nugget’s Content Manager, to chat about her role at the company, her favorite Nugget builds, and why her dream Nugget color would be a neutral.

Jordan, can you describe your job in a way that kids ages 1 to 101 can understand?

I'm on the Customer Experience team. So, I chat with all of our customers via email. An email is sort of like a note that you’d write to your friend. But, instead of giving it to them in person or sending it through the mail, it’s sent online through the computer. 

If you, a parent, aunt, uncle, whoever, ever wanted to reach out and say hello, send a few kind words, or find out when your Nugget would be coming home, I’d be one of the people that you would hear back from. Because our team is small, we only do emails — it’s a no-phone-zone here at Nugget HQ!

Jordan sitting at desk, working on a computer

What’s the best part of your job?

The people. It's such a FUN place to work. I've met less than half of my teammates in real life, but you'd never know it. Nugget has an amazing environment, both online and in real life. And ALL of the people behind the scenes really make it such a blast to hop online every day — including our customers. You'd never believe some of the amazing stories that come through the inbox. 

One of my recent favorites was the story about a foster parent who sends a Nugget home with each child as they are finding their forever home. They have several Nuggets and when the child leaves, they get to pick which Nugget to take with them. It was so sweet!

When people write in and say things like “Thank you so much for your hard work!” when their Nuggets are delivered, or when they give grace to the CX teams during email exchanges, it really helps make the job meaningful and contributes to a sense of community.

Child jumping over Nugget pillows in Koala and Sweetpea colors

What’s your favorite Nugget color?

Easy! Koala. 🐨 Gray is my favorite color! But, we also have Sweetpea — my daughter LOVES pink. And I also purchased a Pebble Cover Set, because you can never have too many neutrals!

How many Nuggets do you have, and what are your favorite builds?

We have two Nuggets, which works out pretty well with my kids! My 7-year-old daughter loves to build forts, but my 2-year-old son just knocks them down. The build that is always a winner is the Nugget slide, they will play on it for hours. And let's be honest, I totally hop on there and slide down with them!  Child playing on a row of Nugget pillows, in Koala and Sweetpea colorsAnother favorite is simple but the kids love it: they stack them all on top of each other, put it in the corner, and sit up there and read. 

I personally love a good fort. The kiddos take books and stuffed animals inside and pretend they're in their own little world. I was an avid fort builder as a child, but we had nothing nearly as cool as the forts they're able to create with the Nugget. We'd used sheets, hairbows, chairs, and lots of other embarrassing things. 

Child sitting in Nugget fort, made with Koala and Sweetpea colors

What do you like to do outside of work?

I've recently started back reading. I visited a pop-up bookstore recently (thanks to the Indie bookstore link), and I read for a few hours that day. I forgot how exciting it is to cozy up with a good book! I also love nature. I grew up in the country, and I love being outdoors. We recently found an amazing park near our house. So we take the kids there at least twice a week and go walking and exploring. Jordan and daughter smiling at camera

Alright, last question for you: dream Nugget color and why?

I'd love to have a white Nugget. Boring, huh? But, it'd fit right into our living room space. That way, we wouldn't have to carry our current Nuggets up and down the stairs. It'd be like a Nugget for the kids in the common area.

My other idea is from my kids. They love to measure things so I’ve also thought about how fun it would be to have a Cover Set with a ruler all along the length of the Nugget. Then they could measure things to their heart's content. Seriously, give them a tape measure, and they just don’t stop.

Jordan, thanks for taking the time to chat with us and share more about your love for all things Nugget. We appreciate you!