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After a lengthy and celebrated run in our color collection, Submarine, our classic, nautical navy blue, is setting sail on its final voyage. That’s right: Submarine is retiring.

Periscope peeking out of water with sunset in background

While we’re sad to say goodbye, Submarine’s departure marks an exciting sea change (get it?) within our Classics lineup — this August, we’re introducing navy blue in a double-brushed microsuede!

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks about this beautiful, brand new, double-brushed navy, so stay tuned to our Instagram and website. For now, we’ve surfaced some useful information about Submarine’s upcoming departure from the Nugget Shop — scroll down and peep through the periscope for all the in-depth information you need to know. Don’t worry, we put it in English rather than Morse code.

How long will Submarine be available?

We won’t be restocking Submarine, so when our limited existing stock runs out, it’s gone! If your heart is set on a Submarine Cover Set or Nugget, we recommend ordering now, as we can’t guarantee how long our remaining inventory will last.

When will the final Submarines ship?

While choppy seas and unforeseen conditions can occasionally impact timing, shipping times are always determined by the order date. You can check out our website at any time for the most current information.

Will you ever restock Submarine?

Never say never, but for now, we are switching our navy over to a double-brushed microsuede (with a brand new name!), similar to our Atlantis, Harbor, and Redwood colors. This luxe, classic fabric is a natural pairing with a timeless color like navy. We can’t wait to see it in Nuggeteers’ homes!

Two Nugget pillows in Navy, one microsuede with arrow pointing to it saying "2018-2021" and one double-brushed microsuede with arrow pointing towards it with "August 2021"

A double-brushed navy… tell me more!

We can’t wait to bring you this latest color, available starting in August 2021. Until then, follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop! You can learn more about the difference between double-brushed microsuede and our classic microsuede by clicking here.

Are any other colors retiring? 

Not at this time! While we wish we had infinite resources and space at HQ to offer all the colors all the time, we do have to say goodbye to colors we’ve loved when we bring in new ones. But not to worry, we’ll always let you know when a color is about to be retired so you’ll have a chance to grab it before it’s gone! 

Will there be other new double-brushed colors? 

Let’s just say... it’s on our radar. Or should we say sonar? Anyway, you get the idea.