Retired Nugget cover sets stacked on one another with Nugget raffle ticket

UPDATE: All 18 winners have been notified and covers are shipping out from the Nugget garage! Your participation raised $47,300 for No Kid Hungry. Way to go! We hope it plays a small part in lessening the burden of the strained food relief system right now.


By now, most of us know the most important and effective thing we can do to fight the coronavirus, which is to stay at home and keep to ourselves. For those looking to do more, there's a multitude of areas where help is needed. One that sticks out for us is the desperate need for nutrition among the roughly 30 million American kids who receive lunch at school every day. Due to Covid-related closures, more than 50 million kids are currently out of school, and in some states (like our native North Carolina), closings have already been extended into May. 

We've come up with a fun way to help. 

When a Nugget color has been retired for a long time, that doesn't mean we don't have one or two cover sets knocking around Nugget HQ. These coveted cover sets are often in such low quantities, however, that we can't put them up on the website, so they sit around gathering dust on a shelf (don't worry, we keep it them in plastic). If only we could find a use for them...

Different color Nugget pillows stacked together in a circle

Introducing - Nugget Cover Club! Starting at 12 Noon EST on Wednesday, March 25, we're selling $10 raffle tickets for a drawing of 15 full cover sets, all in rare and/or retired colors, ranging from Piglet, to Sandcastle, to our collaboration with June and January, J&J Rust. Before we packed up Nugget HQ's office for our temporary shut down, we made sure to bring these home from the vault. This means the winning contestants will have their cover sets soon, packed and shipped out right from our Chief Product Officer's garage (thanks for the home pickup, Fedex!) 

The first rule of Nugget Cover Club is you definitely talk about Nugget Cover Club! Let's get as many people involved as possible — it may not be good for your odds, but it is good for the cause. Other rules:

  • Contestants need to live in the United States or Canada
  • Orders of raffle tickets are non-refundable
  • Contestants can buy as many tickets as they like to increase odds
  • Raffle tickets are a general entry to win any of the cover sets - they are not color-specific. Winners who wish to can arrange trades afterwards, separate from Nugget
  • Your purchase is not a physical item — your Order # and/or email address will enter you for a drawing, and the possibility of winning a full cover set in a rare color
  • We may discover the need for additional rules later - this is our first raffle after all!

The ticket page will not be live on our website until noon tomorrow. In the meantime, follow @nuggetcoverclub on IG, where tomorrow morning we'll be posting more details on the colors being raffled off. Good luck, Nuggeteers!