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The Nugget Tiny Designer Template outline with crayons laying on top of drawing

In case you didn't hear, we have a pretty rad contest going on with our friends at Spoonflower right now, where designers are competing to have their pattern design picked out from all the submissions to be turned into a real deal Nugget, sold on our site! Well, that's great for grownups and all, but what about designers-in-training? What about the young Picassos and Van Gohs among us, who need only be equipped with paper and crayon to create pure, effortless magic?

We've got them covered too. 

Behold, our collection of Tiny Designer Templates, which we'll add to over time. Does your designer request the classic, angled couch look for their aesthetic endeavors? We've got that. 

Nugget Tiny Designer's Template PDF with Pillows, Base and Cushion to color in
Click to download a print-sized Template 1.

That's not going to do it for every designer - we understand. For those who need a bit more dynamic of an image to get their creative juices flowing, we've got another option:

Nugget Tiny Designer's Template with Pillows, Base and Cusions in an exploded view to color inClick to download a print-sized Template 2.

And what about those artists so prolific (and environmentally conscious) that they would need to print off dozens of sheets to get exhaust all their machinations? There's an eight-Nugget coloring sheet — excuse us, design template — for them. 

Nugget Tiny Designer's Template - print sized with multiple Nugget couches to colorClick to download a print-sized Template 3.

We don't want to let the grownups have all the fun. On social media or via email, send us back images of your completed designs — we'll crown a winner, with a grand prize of a $99 Nugget Gift Card and an interview with the designer themselves on the Nugget Blog.

Stripes? Polka dots? Seahorses? It's all on the table. Once you print out these sheets, that is.