Nugget 'N Chill: Announcing Accounts

No, we can't let you borrow our Netflix password, but we think you'll like this almost as much — your own login to the Nugget site, where you can check your order history, prep your shipping address before ordering, and view tracking links for your Nuggets and Nugget Cover Sets that have already shipped. 

In the last few days you may have noticed a couple new buttons in our menu, including "Accounts," in the upper right hand corner on desktops, and at the bottom of the side menu on mobile. You may have been shocked, even frightened to click them. We can't blame you — unfamiliar buttons are no joke. But there's nothing to fear in Accounts Land. Let's go!


• Faster ordering! Yes, when Nuggets return from the Backorder period, we are likely to experience some sellouts. To help make the buying process simpler and quicker, you can now create an account and get your Shipping Address set — and double-checked — ahead of time. When you head to check out with a Nugget, your address will be pre-filled in the shipping form, and you'll just need to pay!

 All your orders in one place! Are you one of the thousands of households that has gone full-blown multi-Nugget madness? Don't worry about searching for separate order and shipping confirmation emails when you want to check your tracking or contact customer service — everything will be in one place! Your items ordered, price paid, fulfillment status, and the address we're shipping it to. 

• Revenge against your spam filter! Many an important Nugget shipping email has been captured by email spam and promotions filters, leading to needless back-and-forth efforts with our customer service team to locate them. No more! With an account, your orders will be able to be located, right in our website, from the moment you place them.



• Canceling, refunding or returning an order. In the unlikely event that you don't need your Nugget order, just reach out to a friendly Nuggeteer from our Customer Team and they'll help you cancel. For Nuggets that have been received already or are in transit, you'll need a helping hand from our team too.

• Changing shipping address after placing an order. The new Accounts system is pretty magical, but it doesn't allow the changing of details after you've placed an order. To make a change, you'll need to cancel and re-order with the help of our Customer Team. Use the extra time now with an account to make sure your information is right!

• Checking in on a Backorder. In your account you'll be able to see updates via a tracking link once your order ships, but prior to shipment, there will not be any more information than there is currently.

• Changing your email address. Got a typo in your email address? That's an easy fix for us at Nugget HQ. Send an email over to



After clicking "Accounts," you'll see a Login page that you'll use to login once you've created an account. If you haven't created an account with us yet, even if you've purchased before, you'll need to hit Create One in the bottom of the form. This will allow you to set a login email, and password. You'll be emailed a Welcome Confirmation, and you'll be on your way. Return to the login page, and enter your email and password.

Once you've logged in, if you've ordered approximately 25 Nuggets, this is what your account will look like. You'll see order numbers, order dates, fulfillment status, refund status, and total price paid. 

If you've never ordered before, you'll be prompted to set a New Shipping Address — unlike during checkout, this one does not auto-correct, so double-check your work! If you've ordered already, you'll see a button to Edit Addresses, if you want to make a change for future orders. 


The launching of Accounts has no impact on our shipping whatsoever! For those waiting on Backorders, nothing has changed — you're still guaranteed to have your order leave us within 14 weeks of when it was placed.

Also, this does not take the place of the Shipping Confirmation email! We will continue to send a Shipping email with a tracking link to all customers — but your Accounts page is a handy backup in case, for some reason, you don't get it.


Alright, looks like everything is accounted for, if you know what we're saying. If it isn't, and there's something missing (let's be honest, there definitely is), reach out to us and we'll answer as best we can. The question we'll leave you with is this: what says more about a person, their Netflix watchlist or their Nugget order history?