What’s the 30-day trial?

It’s how you can rest assured you’re going to love the Nugget. We’re 100% confident in the product, so we want you to find out it’s 100% great for you. For 30 days with the Nugget, try it out, then keep it if it’s everything you imagined it could be. Or return it for free if you imagined something else. Note: 30-Day Trial and Free Returns do not apply to color exchanges or Canadian orders. 

Are there limits to the trial?

It applies to every order of two Nuggets or fewer on nuggetcomfort.com, with the exception of orders to Canada. And it applies to the Nugget play couch itself, not to color exchanges or fabric cover sets.

Why the trial?

Don’t believe the Nugget can easily transform into any arrangement imaginable? See how many things you can build in just a few minutes. Can’t fathom how it’s so comfortable and supportive at the same time? Rest on it for a few minutes, or fall asleep for a few hours "by accident." Put it through its paces. We’re confident the Nugget can keep up.

Is there a product guarantee?

Nuggets were made for imagination, relaxation, and everything in between, which means that their zippers, seams and handles should stand up to everyday use. We’re not happy when they don’t, but we’re more than happy to replace any and all manufacturing defects within a year of purchase. Just email hq@nuggetcomfort.com with a picture of the issue along with your Order Confirmation number. It’s our way of saying we don’t just sit on Nugget — we stand behind it.

What’s the return policy?

Within the 30-Day Trial Period, returns for all U.S. orders are totally free — no money out of your pocket for shipping. Email us at returns@nuggetcomfort.com, and we’ll make it right!

Can I cancel my order?

You bet. If you no longer want your order, or need to make edits to color, quantity, or shipping address, please email us at hq@nuggetcomfort.com within 1 HOUR of purchase with the subject line CANCEL ORDER (and your Order #). We can cancel the order and allow you to repurchase the desired items if still available, but we aren't able to guarantee their availability. Once a return is initiated, funds will be released immediately, but depending on your bank it may take 3-10 days for the credit to post to your account.

Can I change colors within an order?

Sorry, we're unable to adjust colors and/or quantities within orders. We will ask if you'd like to follow the cancellation policy above. If you could cancel an order and re-order, know that you will lose your place in the shipping line and that the color you originally had in your order may sell out.

All colors are available as covers, so instead of risking a color adjustment, you can always grab any future colors as a separate cover set.