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Nugget triangle character dressed as wizard, holding a wand and potion bottle
Abracadabra, zip-a-dee-dee
What is that I spy, I see?
A bright elixir of purplish hue
Joyful, mysterious, and magical, too.
Color alchemy granted a shade
In our beloved microsuede.
‘Tis no illusion, no complex rune
Potion could truly be yours at noon.
Word art illustration: Potion, an enchanting ultraviolet, with Potion Nugget couch on white background

Introducing Potion, our latest Limited Edition color to join the Nugget Shop in both Nugget and Cover Set form. Bring a touch of magic to any home with this enthralling elixir of magic and fun, starting February 16th at noon ET.

Three kids dressed as scientists, experimenting at their lab table made of a Potion Nugget couch

I’m spellbound. How do I conjure a Potion?

First, set out under the light of the harvest moon, then check the Nugget website. Potion will be available starting at 12 Noon ET on February 16th, 2021. The regular microsuede Potion Nugget is $229 and the Cover Set is $99. Delivery will be made by owl, unicorn, and FedEx.

I’m currently waiting on a backordered Nugget. Could I combine a Potion order with my prior order?

All Potion orders will ship after previously placed orders, as we did not infuse this concoction with time-traveling or line-skipping powers. Due to many manufacturing and operational variables, we’re not able to combine orders, so if you already have an order in place and you place a new order for a Potion product, they will likely ship at different times.

Potion Nugget pillow illustration with book and vials filled with liquid

How do I change my color to Potion? I’m enticed, enraptured, enthralled!

We understand completely — Potion charmed us, too. Unfortunately, we’re not able to edit the color, quantity, or product on an order that’s already been placed. If you’d like to keep your original order, you’re welcome to order an extra Potion Cover Set! To completely change colors, you’ll need to cancel your current order and place a new one. Please see our updated FAQs for information on canceling your order.

What is the current turnaround time for Potion orders?

When the seasons change and the elderflower blooms, the Nugget called Potion shall arrive in your rooms. 

All orders are on schedule to ship by no later than the end of April! If at any point there are any changes to our shipping timeline, the shipping note under the “Add to cart” button on the shop page of our website will update. 

Potion colored crsytal ball illustration

Is there a limit on the number of Potion orders allowed per customer/household?

No, the wizards at HQ drafted enough Potion for all. There are no limits on Potion purchases. 

We're toiling away on the final steps of our Potion brewing, but stay tuned for more pictures in the week to come. We'll see you again at 12 Noon ET on February 16th, when our newest Nugget color reaches its peak potency.