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At Kido, the magic of music and stories come alive. And while that may seem like a fairy tale, it’s actually real life for this super-talented family of artists, singers, and storytellers.

Family of four standing in Kido, a kids boutique, and posing for camera

Owner Keewa Nurullah is a jazz artist, husband Doug is a visual artist who specializes in graffiti and murals, cousin Amanda hosts singalongs and book readings, and Grandmama Shanta teaches music classes for the Kido community. Keewa launched the online store in 2016 and opened the storefront in 2018, but Kido’s roots reach much further back than that.

Keewa and Amanda are descendants of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood District — popularly known as Black Wall Street — and fourth-generation entrepreneur Keewa built Kido with the hope of keeping their family legacy alive. Her great-grandfather had a tailor shop in Greenwood, but after the Massacre of 1921, he fled to Chicago and rebuilt his shop on the Southside. Continuing his father’s work, Keewa’s grandfather learned the trade and built his own tailor shop. Now, one hundred years after Greenwood burned, Keewa has her own shop in Downtown Chicago: Kido. 

Building a dream, one onesie at a time

Woman holding toddler next to mannequins in store, displaying her clothing line for children

Kido carries on the family legacy in the clothing industry. When her son was born, Keewa wanted to find clothes with positive affirmations that were both eco-friendly and trendy. She couldn't find what she was looking for, so she created her own line, traveling around Chicago selling her onesies at local markets. After developing a following of devoted parents, Keewa opened Kido, which now offers toys, clothing, and books. 

But Kido is more than just a store — it’s a community. With a fellow mom Megan Jeyifo, Keewa created the Southside Story Time to give local families a free opportunity to connect in a safe environment. Story Times grew and grew, eventually turning into Baby Soul Jam. Along with Mama Fresh aka Jenny LeFlore, Keewa created a family day party for millennial families on the Southside of Chicago. A consistently sold out affair, the Baby Soul Jam connected hundreds of diverse families from all over the Midwest. 

Bring the magic of Kido to your home

Right now, such big gatherings aren’t possible. But, to celebrate the new Potion release, Kido wanted to share some their favorite Potiony-purple #CertifiedNuggety stories with Nuggeteers, from stories of tumbling for gold to shooting for the stars.

Book cover for Flying High, the story of gymnastics champion Simone Biles

Flying High by Michelle Meadows, Illustrated by Ebony Glenn

Read about gymnast Simone Biles’ soaring achievements, from her early days tumbling in backyards to present-day Olympic champion. Did you know that there are four moves named after Simone, and each of the “Biles” are some of the hardest in gymnastics history? 

Book cover for Oona, girl and otter floating in ocean cave

Oona by Kelly DiPucchio, Illustrated by Raissa Figueroa 

Follow along Oona and her best friend Otto’s adventures as they search for treasure in the deep, dark ocean. Where will their adventures take them next? 

Book cover for Hair Love, kid sitting on shoulders of adult

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry, Illustrated by Vashti Harrison

Zuri wants her hair to look just right for a special event — and her daddy is the only one who can help. First though, he’s got a lot to learn about her kinks, coils, and curls! This sweet book celebrates the bond between dads and daughters.

Book cover for Mae Among the Stars, with child in astronaut helmet gazing out at cosmos
Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed, Illustrated by Stasia Burrington
Celebrate the story of Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel to space, with this charming picture book, which highlights the power of curiosity and courage in chasing your dreams. 
Book cover for People of Pride: Rupaul Charles
RuPaul Charles: People of Pride by Little Bee Books, Illustrated by Vincent Chen

RuPaul’s achievements span from TV to the music industry, but as this book shares, the most important may be paving the way for the LGBTQ community. 

No longer able to host events in the storefront, Keewa has shifted her focus to providing entertainment and support for Kido families online. Dance and music classes, author interviews, and, of course, story times dominate their virtual space. Join the party on Instagram, where families all over the country are connecting and sharing culture on the Kido page!