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Our End-of-Summer Nugget Restock is almost here! We’ve answered your burning questions, introduced you to two new cozy colors, and announced a surprise collab with Alice & Ames...but you didn’t think we’d stop there, did you? Hold on to your hats, folks... 

Coming in hot, like a kiddo who needs a snack while you’re on a Zoom call, our next collection has arrived! It’s a summer evening sky-inspired quadruplet of two warm, retro tones, and two complementary blues. Combined, they provide the perfect end-of-summer sunset palette to bring us into our next season! Like most things this year, we had plans to share these colors sooner. But the days are quickly turning into months, and this felt like the perfect time to release this collection that we love so much. If you miss them this time, don’t break a sweat! These colors are here to stay for a while. 

We know that everyone sees color differently, and our microsuede can appear different in various lighting, so we wanted to share a bit more about each of these colors. Without further ado...

This mustard yellow is straight out of our mid-century dreams — we’ve audibly gasped at the rich color we were able to perfect here. Like all of our fabrics, in darker rooms, it’ll appear more yellow-khaki, and in lighter rooms its yellow will really stand out. If a show-stopping pop of unique, modern color is what you are looking for, Saturn should really be in your orbit. 

How does Saturn compare to your most recent yellow, Taxicab?

Our team describes Taxicab as a saffron orange-yellow, where Saturn is a toned down dijon with more green undertones. 

Our last true, light blue was Skydive. It was released many moons ago, so it only felt right to revisit our blues in this collection. Dewdrop developed from a need for a not-quite-purple, but a blue that could sit between purples and other calming blues. We love what we created — a just-right powder blue. True story, our 60+ year old accountant saw it and asked for a sample immediately for her office. Dewdrop might just have the drip.  

How does Dewdrop compare to retired light blue, Skydive? 

Our team agrees that Skydive was a true, baby, pastel blue, where Dewdrop is a toned down powder blue that some might describe as having periwinkle undertones.

If this color was a place, you guessed it — Austin, Texas. Rodeo is a rusty burnt orange that we worked really hard to land! It’s warm and cozy, like an old terracotta planter basking in the Texas hill country. It pairs beautifully with our new teal Atlantis. We’re tippin’ our cowboy hat to the product design team because Rodeo is alright alright alright… 

How does Rodeo compare to retired Rust? 

Our team thinks that Rust leaned more into the coral definition of rust (it was more red), where Rodeo is a burnt orange. They compliment each other beautifully, though!

How does Rodeo compare to the new Redwood?

Our team says that Rodeo is an orange, and Redwood is a red!

Bluejean is the washed medium blue microsuede we never knew we needed, but now that it’s here - we can’t believe we didn’t think of this before! A complimentary buddy to Dewdrop, our calming Bluejean color reminds us of our favorite faded denim - broken in and immediately comfortable. 

How does Dewdrop compare to the new Bluejean color? 

Dewdrop and Bluejean are best pals. Dewdrop is the lighter blue, and Bluejean is a medium wash blue. They compliment each other beautifully and are in the same color family. 

Is Bluejean a denim Nugget?

It's not! But comfortable, washed denim colors did inspire the beautiful medium-blue we’ve landed in Bluejean. It's the “just right” mixture of not too dark, not too light - we think it will look lovely in homes with Dewdrop or other blues!

Only one more sunset until tomorrow's release!