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At Nugget, we aren’t afraid of color. In fact, we love all colors: the brightest purples, the most delicate pinks, and of course, blues. All blues, really.

We often hear from Nuggeteers, requesting advice on which Nugget color to pair with their playroom or living room; those who already have a Nugget know that there’s endless debate as to which Nuggety color they should add to their Nugget collection.

Designer Cameron Renfrow sitting on stool holding antique vase

Today, we’re bringing in an expert: Cameron Renfrow, stylist, creator, and self-proclaimed hunter of vintage. Nouveau Central, a shop that showcases local artisans and designers in Durham NC, is a treasure trove for quality craftsmanship and unique finds. We asked the Nugget community to submit their rooms for custom color advice, and we’re pleased to say, Cameron’s got the answers.

Q: @taygagne wonders, “Which color would you add to our Nugget collection?”

Room with black and white dot accent wall. Cactus, Atlantis, Potion Nuggets lined up, with Dewdrop pillows illustration added

A: This is a space that doesn’t shy away from being bold. With the one-of-a-kind accent wall and the growing collection of colorful Nuggets, this space knows how to have fun. So, adding the right color is important to keep this space unique and a part of the color story. To balance the team of ascending greens, adding a pastel blue-purple, or Dewdrop, to the mix will blend the Nuggets perfectly. 

This would be considered an analogous color scheme, where all of our colors are adjacent to each other in the color wheel. This causes a natural harmony between the colors and works well with accent walls and other large-scale accents.

Q: Which colors would complement this room, submitted by @casacoast?

Sun-filled room featuring a Sweetpea couch, rock wall, rug, large houseplant, and added Pebble pillows illustration

A: The great base to every room is a rug. Not only do they soften a space, which is great for any playroom with young ones, but they also allow you to play down or play up any color. In this case, I’ll be pulling out the neutral taupe, or Pebble, color from the rug and rock climbing wall to coordinate with their existing Sweetpea Nugget. The warmth of Pebble lends itself to the existing room flawlessly, while letting the contrasting red and greens work their magic. 

Q: Which color could @hallerchelsea add to this room?

Room with light hardwood floors, green walls, white closet doors, Harbor Nugget couch, and added Redwood pillows illustration

This dreamy, muted green pairs well with an earthy red, or Redwood! You can see this Nuggeteer is on the right track with their accent pillow. This color combo is called a complementary color scheme, where two colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel. It helps to offset complementary color schemes with neutral touches, like their existing Nugget and accent rug. 

Q: @joanna_crawford’s colorful playroom is ready for another Nuggety hue. Which one works best? 

Playroom with rainbow polka dot accent wall, Nugget fort with Cactus and Koala colors, and added Daybreak couch illustration
Choosing an accent wall or a large accent piece in your room that is a statement, whether it's with color or pattern, helps you with the subsequent color selections. Take this wall for an example: there are many colors to pull from, so really, many Nuggets will work here. I think what will pair the best is a lighter color, like Daybreak.

Q: Which colors would you recommend for @sarah_beth_sutter’s beautiful room?

Room with neutral accents, daybed with wood frame, Nugget fort in Rodeo, and added Saturn and Sweetpea pillow illustrations

Talk about a subtle and relaxing room! To play off of the neutrals, umber and soft pinks, I’m placing Sweetpea and for a pop of color, Saturn, in the room. If you look closely in the space, the colors are pulled from the monochromatic rainbow and doll on the bed. It’s important when designing your space that you make it make sense with small accent pieces that help pull it all together, like pillows and art.

Q: @mindfulmamathreads is looking to add a Nugget to this cozy room. Which one do you recommend?

Child and adult lounge on illustrated Submarine Nugget couch, room includes bookshelf, small table, and two doors

Choosing your first Nugget for a space can be hard! There are so many amazing options. You can’t go wrong with a classic color, like Submarine. The navy color sets the tone for your space and gives you a good foundation if you ever want to grow your color collection with more Nugget blues!

House 7: @the_salvadias submitted this bright and cheerful kid’s room. Any suggestions for additional Nuggets?

Children's room with bunkbeds, book shelf, canopy, black rug, and Nugget couch with illustration overlaid in Snorkel color

This bedroom looks so great for learning, playing and resting. For this last home I’m going to introduce a third color, Snorkel, into the space to create a triadic color scheme. This means that each color is evenly spaced on the color wheel. In this room, it’ll be red, blue and yellow.

The yellow is balanced across the room with poufs and blankets and wood tones, the red is balanced with bedding and pillows, and the blue is balanced with books and pillows.  

Illustration of bouncing Nugget pillows in various colors

Many thanks to Cameron for his expert advice. We had so much fun learning color theory with you! Be sure to follow Cameron for more design tips and vintage finds at @nouveaucentral, and check out Nugget’s newest Pillow Packs to accessorize your space.