Boy playing on a Blueridge Nugget couch Boy playing on a Blueridge Nugget couch

Welcome to playtime, reimagined.

Nuggets provide hours of endless independent play - full of curiosity, adventure, and imagination.

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What's a Nugget?

We’re so glad you asked. The Nugget is part-furniture and part-toy — a play couch made of four foam pieces. It’s soft, squishy, and sturdy, and best of all, kids of all ages love it because it can be reconfigured in countless ways.

It's pretty much the best thing to happen to playtime since, well, ever.

Nugget Pillows stacked in Blueridge and Willow colors

Can't decide on a color?

No problem – you don’t have to! Nugget Cover Sets are removable, machine washable, and available for purchase. Use our Compare Colors tool to find your perfect Nuggety pairing.

Why choose Nugget?

We’re the original play couch.

We built this product and this company with quality and creativity at the center of everything we do. We treat our customers with respect, source the highest-quality materials, and offer our employees livable wages and benefits. We employ 100+ incredible people, and we manufacture the Nugget right here on U.S. soil, in our home state of NC.

Nugget Pillow box illustration

Driven by creativity. Fueled by imagination. Our products reflect our vision that play is an essential part of this world – whether you’re young or just young-at-heart.

We’re constantly innovating over at Nugget! We love playing around with new concepts and ideas. With 20+ colors and patterns, three beautiful fabrics, and fun collaborations with your favorite brands and characters, we have something for everyone. Yep, even your pickiest, choosiest nephew. (We see you, Dennis.)

Nugget couch from 2014 in light blue color
Nugget couch from today in Blueridge color

We’ve done enough talking. What are real customers saying?

Nugget 5 Star Review illustration

"We LOVE our nuggets! I know there are other play couches out there, but in my opinion none compare to the Nugget. I highly recommend getting one... or two.”

- Jordan N.

Nugget 5 Star Review illustration

“EXCUSE ME, but what is this magical couch and why didn't I buy it sooner? My twin toddlers build ramps, forts, secret hiding places, tents, use it as a table for tea parties — the list goes on and on. This has been the best purchase yet!”

- Melanie W.

Nugget 5 Star Review illustration

“This was a delightful surprise that our grandkids LOVED! You can do so many fun things with this couch and the kids just love playing with it! And I was amazed how quickly the order came.”

- Jim A.

The play couch everyone is talking about

“A must-have item for tens of thousands of families.”

“Don’t want your kids to dismantle your couch? Give them a couch of their own!”

“The original and still the most sought-after play couch out there.”

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