An illustrated snowglobe with Nugget pillows and bows inside; a plaque on the snowglobe reads "Gifting your Nugget"

All right, Nuggeteers! You’ve shopped for your Nugget play couch, it’s arrived on your doorstep… and there’s still time to go before the big reveal. What now? Whether you have bought this gift for someone else or you are gifting this favorite play couch to yourself (we suggest it), we’ve sourced some of your top holiday gifting questions and wrapped up the answers with a big orange bow. See our perfect way to gift the ultimate play couch–wrapped in a big orange bow!

Where should I store my Nugget?

While Nuggets can now stay in their box for eight weeks and still be covered by our two year warranty, they prefer to be out in the open (ah, fresh air!). That said, we know it's a big product and that hiding it from curious young Nuggeteers can be tricky. Thankfully many savvy Nuggeteers have provided some pretty smart ways to store the Nugget before the big reveal.

Here are some of ideas:

  • Under a bed
  • At a friend or family member’s house
  • In a closet
  • Just under the covers of a made bed - like this

Still not sure? Check out this TikTok! And wherever you hide it, just make sure it’s not in the box for more than eight weeks. (We figured another kind reminder would be nice. 'Tis a busy time of year!)

I’d rather not wrap the Nugget in wrapping paper. Any ideas for a fun display?

Of course! Your fellow Nuggeteers are some of the most imaginative and creative people we know, and over the years, they've shared really cool ways to set the Nugget up for the big reveal. Here are some of our favorites:

No wrapping paper required for this gift-worthy build! But it is BYOB — bring your own bow.

Celebrate the festival of lights with your little one’s own menorah.

Child crawing through a Nugget tunnel towards the camera; a colorful menorah sits at the bottom of the frame, festive garland decorating the Nugget.

No need to set it up under the tree – make your own! 

Two children sitting at the base of a Nugget "tree" decorated for the holidays, reading books next to a pile of more books

Sleigh the gifting game with this fun play-ready build — bonus points if you can get your dog to sub in as the reindeer.

Create a gingerbread house out of Nuggets. One additional idea: create candies out of felt to custom decorate your gingerbread house with gumdrop steps, peppermint windows, and more!

What if I'm giving a gift card for a Nugget - any ideas on how to make gifting it special?

Absolutely! First step: print out this activity sheet. Then, wrap the activity sheet with the printed gift card in a traditional gift box or hide it in a stocking. For those who like an extra surprise: Cut the activity sheet into puzzle pieces for your very own Nugget puzzle. And if you're feeling really extra (because don't we all around the holidays?), combine this activity sheet with our other coloring sheets – from our specialty Holiday-themed edition to our Build guides Tiny Designer version – to make your very own Nuggety coloring book. Pair it with some new crayons or coloring pencils and your little artist will love it!

Holiday ornament activity print out, with illustrated Nugget builds in holiday cheer

No matter how you gift your Nugget, it will undoubtedly be a launchpad for countless memories and endless fun.

Check out our Style Guides and Build Ideas so you can get ready for some imaginative play and keep the holiday spirit alive!