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Everything is totally ordinary and normal-sized at Nugget. Just look at David and Hannah in the photo studio, working on their computers. Normal bean bag chair, standard dog (alright, maybe a little chubby). Everything looks how it should in there…

David and Hannah working while sitting on a Nugget with a dog sitting beside them

And look at Maurice pushing a Nugget into our Big Beluga machine — his hat looks like it's the right size, doesn't it?

Maurice pushing a Nugget through a Beluga machine

Everything is completely normal.




Giant Nugget with two people standing and sitting

Oh right, there's one thing that's definitely not normal.

Inspired by some of the massive furniture-turned-architecture landmarks in our home state of North Carolina, we made a Nugget that was 43x the volume of the standard ones we ship out every day. 

When it debuted on Instagram, the Mega Nug became a minor internet celebrity, with countless commenters proclaiming that they would happily make room in their homes for a 2,000-pound couch:

Instagram comment saying I want to come play so bad

Instagram comment saying Can I borrow that for a party

Instagram comment saying But...I want this and only this taking up my entire living room

Instagram comment saying I dont see the mega nug online. Cost? Shipping Cost?

It also provoked some important, and more administrative, questions:

Instagram comment saying So who is responsible for washing and putting those covers back on?

We'll get back to you on that, Keri. 

The Mega Nug is only a couple of months old, but already the anchor and icon of our small Hillsborough, NC facility. Enjoyed by young and old alike, it's perfect for just about any activity you can imagine. Including super serious lunch break Connect Four.

Nugget employees playing connect four on top of the Mwega Nug