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This June, Nugget teamed up with Drag Queen Story Hour and the LGBT Center of Raleigh to celebrate Pride Month. In an era where the identity and rights of our LGBTQIA+ community members continue to be questioned, undermined, and attacked, it is more important than ever that future generations are taught that love is love, all are welcome, and we can all take pride in our diversity, our identities, and ourselves. Y'all means all!

Note: You may notice that we link to Bookshop, rather than other online retailers. We do this in an effort to support independent bookstores that are hurting from shutdowns caused by the ongoing pandemic; a portion of all sales go directly to independent bookstores near you. We also love the Indie Bookstore Finder to locate your new favorite local shop, and of course, don’t forget your local library as another option. Happy reading!

Pride rainbow with book title, "Our Rainbow"

Our Rainbow, by Little Bee Books partnered with GLAAD

Why we love it: This selection teaches families and readers ages 2-5 the colors of the Pride flag with beautiful, diverse illustrations.  A different artist created each page, making this a truly unique book. 

Book title "Pride 123" on Pride flag with people standing beneath

Pride 1-2-3 by Michael Joosten, Ill. by Wednesday Holmes

Why we love it: This brightly colored counting book has a diverse cast of characters on each page and is perfect for ages 1-5. We especially love all the different Pride flags and symbols throughout that you can use to continue learning after reading!

Book Title "Love Makes a Family" with illustrated families and rainbows

Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer

Why we love it: Each page features a different kind of family, but one thing is the same - LOVE! All ages will enjoy this story.

Book Title "Prince & Knight"

Prince & Knight by Daniel Haack, Ill. by Steve Lewis, partnered with GLAAD

Why we love it: Ready to turn the age-old fairy tale trope on its head?  A prince is taken far and wide by the king and queen to find a princess.  Nothing feels quite right until he meets the knight.  They work together to save the day and… well, you know the rest! Best for ages 4-8.

Book Title "My Rainbow" with smiling child wearing rainbow wig of flowers

My Rainbow by Deshanna and Trinity Neal, Ill. by Art Twink

Why we love it: This book is special to us because it was written by the subjects of the book, a mother and daughter duo. The story follows the unique struggle of a neurodiverse, Black, trans girl. Ages 4+.

Book Title "Worm Loves Worm" with two worms facing each other

Worm Loves Worm by JJ Austrian, Ill. by Mike Curato 

Why we love it: Two worms want nothing more than to be married, but the other bugs believe things must be done a certain way. The worms don’t care simply because worm loves worm, and if “how it’s always been done” doesn’t work, then they’ll just change it! As you can imagine, preschool age children and up love the fact that characters are all bugs.

Signs saying "This Day in June" held by celebratory crowd

This Day in June by Gayle E. Pittman, Ill. by Kristyna Litten

Why we love it: This Day in June walks you through the beautiful chaos of a Pride parade. The reading guide at the end is incredibly helpful for engaging children in discussions.  We especially love the age appropriate notes for kids from 3 all the way up to 18, making this a staple in our Pride collection.  

Many thanks to the LGBT Center of Raleigh for sharing their favorite stories to celebrate Pride Month! Drag Queen Story Hour, a partner program to the Center, collaborated on this book list as well as a very special reading done just for Nuggeteers on our Instagram page.