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Editor’s Note: This guest blog is written by our current Cover Club partner organization, TABLE. From June 2 through June 8, we are dedicating 100% of Cover Club proceeds to addressing food insecurity for local children. We firmly agree with TABLE that all children deserve access to healthy, nourishing foods, regardless of their income or background. We hope you’ll join us in supporting the critical work that TABLE provides to Orange County, NC families.

Ashton Tippins, Executive Director

Delivering Healthy Food and Hope to Local Children

For many children, being hungry is only a temporary feeling. When they are hungry, they simply open their refrigerator or look in the pantry to find something to eat and their hunger is alleviated. But, what happens when there isn’t anything fresh in the refrigerator or healthy in the pantry to satisfy those hunger pains?

Unfortunately, for 1 in 4 children in the U.S., this is their reality. Food insecurity is widespread, affecting children across the United States from small rural communities to large urban cities. In our local area in North Carolina, 20 percent of kids struggle with hunger, not knowing when their next meal will be, or from where it will come. pull quote describing 20 percent of kids that deal with hungerFood insecurity can mean that parents have to make tough choices about what to put on their children’s plates. Rather than trying new fruits and vegetables, parents are going to make sure every dollar spent at the grocery store goes to something they already know will be eaten. And, often, the food they are able to purchase may not be as nutritionally balanced or as fresh as they would like.

TABLE: A Seat for All

Volunteers at TABLE office preparing bags of food for kidsIn the face of such numbers, TABLE was founded in 2008 to provide healthy and nutritious food to children. We now serve up to 750 children each week, distributing 7,500 meals and snacks directly to children’s homes. With just six staff members, we rely on nearly 100 volunteers every week who organize food, assemble bags and deliver them to the kids we serve, traveling on average 306 miles to 425 homes every week. Why? Because we know there are names, faces, and lives behind each of those numbers.pull quote saying tables serves 750 children a week

How does it work?

Many of the children who receive food from TABLE are part of the subsidized school meal program which is immensely helpful to these children. When COVID hit, we had to pivot our programming from school delivery to individual home delivery, a massive change for our operations. We are pleased that with this change, our hunger relief program TABLE@Home now serves fresh, healthy food directly to children’s homes year-round, ensuring more consistent service for children already uncertain about their next meal. 

TABLE’s bags include 10 meals and snacks that consist of healthy non-perishables and fresh food. Our bags contain 50% more food per child than before the pandemic with 87% of that increase being in fresh food. We also include recipes and fun nutrition education lessons once a month. These lessons provide children with a variety of information about healthy eating, nutritious food, while trying to teach them valuable skills necessary to make educated choices when it comes to food and nutrition.Explorers@Home Worksheet with ingredients arranged around

Real Families, Real Impact

According to a survey recently conducted among the families we serve, nearly 90% of respondents stated that receiving a weekly bag of food from TABLE helps to ease a financial burden on their family, while 66% said food from TABLE was more nutritious than they would otherwise be able to provide their child. The funds raised through the Nugget Cover Club promotion will go directly to helping TABLE continue to feed children in Orange County, NC. We are planning for our busiest summer in TABLE’s history and anticipate continuing to feed up to 750 children every week for 10 weeks. This is a 25% increase over last summer and 3X the cost per week as compared to the summer of 2019. On average it costs TABLE $15,000 to feed 750 children each week, which makes our summer grocery bill a whopping $150,000!Bag of food with packaged snacks and fresh produceThe impact will go beyond the numbers though. By supporting our mission to deliver healthy food and nutrition education to local children, you are helping TABLE to improve children’s overall health, ensure kids have access to and eat sufficient nutritious food, increase their knowledge of nutrition, and develop positive attitudes toward healthy eating.

Together we can make a profound impact in the lives of the children and families TABLE serves and ensure they are receiving the nutritious food they need and deserve and the knowledge to live healthier lives. Table cover club ticket dividerAshton Tippins is the Executive Director of TABLE, an organization providing hunger relief and nutrition education services to children. Wondering how to help? Participate in the current Cover Club, consider supporting TABLE directly, and learn more about food insecurity in your area!