It’s time two pastels said adieu— A sweet blush pink, and powder blue.   We’ve loved their zen and calming grace, In playrooms, nurseries, and common space.  If you’ve longingly eyed these hues, Few still remain — it’s time to choose.  So will your next Nugget be pink or blue? We’re at the ready to make it for you!

Sweetpea and Dewdrop are retiring from our color collection after bringing gentle, pastel vibes to many Nuggeteers’ homes. 

How long will Sweetpea and Dewdrop be available?

We won’t be restocking either color, so when our limited existing stock runs out, it’s gone! If your heart is set on a Dewdrop or Sweetpea Cover Set or Nugget, we recommend ordering now, as we can’t guarantee how long our remaining inventory will last.

Two children playing on a Nugget fort made of Dewdrop and Sweetpea colors

Will you ever bring these colors back?

Never say never! You can peruse our color history to see how our color library has changed through the years, and even peek at how one color so far has returned from retirement. For now though, there are no plans to bring back either color.

When will Sweetpea and Dewdrop orders ship?

Shipping times are always determined by order date, so please check our website or your order confirmation for the most up-to-date information.