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Every two years, the world comes together for the Olympic Games, celebrating the lessons that sport can teach us all: the joy of effort, the importance of fair play and respect for others, and the thrill of pursuing excellence. To celebrate the Olympics, we teamed up with our friends and longtime Nugget supporters the Yoh Family (@ournoirejoy) to suggest unique builds and activities for your very own Nugget Olympics. Are you ready to go faster, stronger, higher? Let’s play!"Nugget 2020" with kid grinning on top of five Nugget pillows configured like Olympic rings

High Five for High Dives

Since its introduction to the Olympics back in 1904, diving has been a spectator favorite. And why not, when divers are flying through the air, twisting, turning, flipping, all with the hope of a clean entry into the water? Sandwich one pillow with your base and jump onto your cushion “pool” for a springboard diving competition, or stack bases and cushions on top of each other for a truly thrilling high dive. Feet first jumps only into your imaginary pool, please! 

Child saluting on top of large stack of Nugget bases and cushions, with a large pouf placed at base of stack

Weightlifting: An Ancient Sport

This sport is as old as the Olympics themselves, with feats of strength practiced for centuries throughout the world. In modern times, the rules may look a bit different, but the idea is the same: lift as much weight as possible! Nuggeteers can practice their form with our pillows. Who can lift both at once? 

Two children standing on Nugget cushions, holding pillows overhead like weightlifters

Gymnastics: A Balancing Act

Flip, twist, balance, and… stick the landing! Every Olympic gymnast started out right where Nuggeteers are today: jumping on couches, testing the laws of gravity, and having a blast. Try different skills on your very own balance beam by lining up pillows and walking on the edges. With focus and attention to detail, you can wow the judges!

Child walking across ridge of a pillow, placed on top of cushion and alongside another pillow to mimic a gymnastics balance beam

Hurdles: On Your Marks...

Track and Field includes 24 Olympic sports, from sky-high pole vaulting to epic races that test athletes' endurance. Nuggeteers can test their own agility with hurdles; line up pillows at various intervals and line up at the starting line. Ready, set, go!

Child leaping over a pillow placed on cushion, set up like a hurdle from track and field

Rock Climbing: Hold on Tight!

New to the 2020 Olympics is the sport of rock climbing. There are three different disciplines, each testing the competitor’s speed, strength, and focus. To create your own rock climbing wall, stack bases and cushions on top of each other with the corners intentionally not aligned. These little triangles will act as your holds as you climb up the rock face. Make sure you have the Olympics officials (a grownup!) nearby to time your ascension — and be your spotter, just in case.

One child perched on top of a stack of cushions, looking down at other child who is climbing up the stack like a rock climber

While the 2020 Olympics are anything but normal (for one thing, they’re happening in 2021), the spirit of the Games carries on. Whether it’s on the field or at school, we can all find ways to incorporate the Olympic values into our day-to-day lives, and have fun at the same time!

Two children posing proudly in front of tented Nugget couches, one with a sign "Team GG" and one with a sign "Olympic Village"