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Meet Our Friends

Imagination loves company. And there’s no shortage of either in our collection of collaborations. From classic characters to playful patterns, we love teaming up to dream up the Next Big (Nuggety) Thing.


Sesame Street

Sunny days are always ahead with the most lovable little monsters on the block.

Hello Kitty

Never underestimate the power of friendship (and a signature look).


Eric Carle

Bringing the art of playtime to life through the classic illustrations of Eric Carle.

Alice and Ames

Creativity grows wild with a cheery floral print designed as a reminder to stop and smell the flowers.


June & January

Every day is cause for celebration with a confetti pattern that plays off of classic Nugget colors.

Imagination loves company, and we’ve invited a lot of friends to play with us over the years! Explore our history of collaborations with some of your child's favorite classic characters, and dive into the Nugget patterns and bright colors of these past designs (that never skimped on the fun). We go behind the scenes to show you how we dreamed up these original playtime couches and designs. Explore our exclusive, former collaborations and see how our imaginations ran wild to create the perfect Original Play Couch™!