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Our Most-Trendiest, High-Endiest Collection Yet

Welcome to Nugg. This is it. The epitome of eleganty extravagance.

This meticulously curated new collection invites you to indulge in fancy-pants-ery and redefine the word "luxury".

One Size Fits All


Drape yourself in opulence with this velvety masterpiece that exudes elegance with every fold.

Definitely Not That Cup


It may not survive a fire, but it does sport our signature tag.

Now Available in Blossom  


For those who love thick rugs, experience wall-to-wall luxury with 3.25” of cushiony foam under every step.

Coming Soon in Corduroy  


With its angular allure, this shape-chic statement piece is more question than answer.

Machine Wash, Air Dry


From the cutting edge of mug design comes something so fashionable you wouldn’t dare put it in a cup holder.
Also, it won’t fit.   


How quickly will these items sell out?

Folks have been saying that The Nugg Collection is sure to cause "unprecedented frenzy," so we recommend lining up by at least 3am if you want a chance to purchase the hottest items — inventory is very limited and won't be restocked.

Does the Nugg Jugg come in multiple sizes?

Right now, it's only offered as a 40oz insulated cup — just the right size to keep you hydrated, but not so big that it looks ridiculous. We’re going for Most-Trendiest, High-Endiest, after all.

Will the Nugg Snugg be available in other colors?

We never say never, and we're always exploring new ideas at Nugget HQ, so stay tuned... We think a Bellbottom corduroy Nugg Snugg would be pretty sweet. And we love blue. 😉

When will The Nugg Collection be available for purchase?

Ooo... it's actually not going to be available for purchase... ever. Happy April Fools' Day! Check out our past jokes:
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2022 - Scented Nugget couches
2021 - Another Blue
2020 - The Mega Nugget